API Documentation

http://netrunnerdb.com can be queried via an http API.

This API is provided for use in deckbuilders, card databases, tournament managers, and other tools that are a complement to playing Netrunner.

Do not use it for any project that allows for playing Android:Netrunner online. FFG do not permit this, and I wish to abide by their rules. Additionally, any such project will be shut down by FFG, so probably do not attempt to make it at all.

All texts are copyrighted by Fantasy Flight Games.

All Sets

/api/sets/ returns data about all the sets in the database.

All Cards

/api/cards/ returns data about all the cards in the database.

One Set

/api/set/{code} returns card data about the cards in the set identified by code (core for Core Set, etc).

One Card

/api/card/{code} returns card data about the card identified by code (01001 for Noise, etc).

One Decklist

/api/decklist/{id} returns name, author and composition of the decklist identified by id (as found in decklist urls).

All Decklists for One Day

/api/decklists/by_date/{Y-m-d} returns all decklists published at the given date. Example: /api/decklists/by_date/2013-12-31.


The following API endpoints require a OAuth2 authentication. To get the required credentials and some additional info, contact me via email (alsciende (at) icloud.com) with a description of your application.

All Decks of authenticated user

/api_oauth2/decks returns all decks created by the authenticated user.

Load a deck for an authenticated user

/api_oauth2/load_deck/{id} returns the info and history of the deck.

Save a deck for an authenticated user

/api_oauth2/save_deck/{id} saves the deck and returns its info. Parameters:

Publish a decklist for an authenticated user

/api_oauth2/publish_deck/{id} publishes a deck and returns the info of the decklist. Parameters:

Returned value

Data returned is in json format.
Set and card data include a "url" key giving the absolute url of the page that holds the data.
Card data include a "imagesrc" key giving the relative url of the image of the card.


Optional GET parameter "jsonp" for script tags. Unavailable for OAuth2 endpoints.


/api/card/01001 returns data for Noise
/api/sets/?jsonp=parseSets returns data for all sets wrapped in a call to parseSets()


The response is in ascii encoding. Non-ascii characters are encoded with \uXXXX with XXXX their hexadecimal unicode value.
To test your application, 3 cards are useful:




Add a parameter _locale=xx to get the results in xx locale.