API Documentation

http://netrunnerdb.com can be queried via an http API.

All Sets

/api/sets/ returns data about all the sets in the database.

All Cards

/api/cards/ returns data about all the cards in the database.

One Set

/api/set/{code} returns card data about the cards in the set identified by code (core for Core Set, etc).

One Card

/api/card/{code} returns card data about the card identified by code (01001 for Noise, etc).

One Decklist

/api/decklist/{id} returns name, author and composition of the decklist identified by id (as found in decklist urls).

All Decklists for One Day

/api/decklists/by_date/{Y-m-d} returns all decklists published at the given date. Example: /api/decklists/by_date/2013-12-31.

Returned value

Data returned is in json format.
Set and card data include a "url" key giving the absolute url of the page that holds the data.
Card data include a "imagesrc" key giving the relative url of the image of the card.


Optional GET parameter "jsonp" for script tags.


/api/card/01001 returns data for Noise
/api/sets/?jsonp=parseSets returns data for all sets wrapped in a call to parseSets()


The response is in ascii encoding. Non-ascii characters are encoded with \uXXXX with XXXX their hexadecimal unicode value.
To test your application, 3 cards are useful:



Embedded Display Mode

If the parameter "mode=embed" is added to an url, the page is served without the header and footer and navigation and search stuff, that is, with only the main content. See for example /card/01020?mode=embed or /set/hs?mode=embed or /find/?q=e%3Aasis&sort=set&view=scan&mode=embed.


Add a parameter _locale=xx to get the results in xx locale.