Resource: Connection - Seedy • Install: 2 • Influence: 1


Use these credits to trash cards.

"They're mindless tools of destruction, good for little else. Nice guys, though. Some of my best friends are scrubbers." - Ji "Noise" Reilly
Anarch • Mike Nesbitt • A Study in Static #63
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For 2 and one influence, this card turns you into a poor man's Whizzard: Master Gamer. The pressure this card exherts can slow down the corp's asset placement dramatically. Jackson Howard, Adonis Campaign, and so many others become much easier to eliminate, perhaps forcing down ICE that the Corp would rather use on central servers.

Additionally, while probably overkill when used with Whizzard: Master Gamer, it can keep the trash creds flowing if you are accessing multiple cards in the HQ or R&D.