Event: Run • Cost: 3 • Influence: 5

Make a run on HQ. If successful, instead of accessing cards, rearrange any number of ice protecting all servers (without rezzing or derezzing the ice). The same number of ice must be protecting each server after the rearrangement as before.

Shaper • Shawn Ye Zhongyi • Creation and Control #31
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Clearly kit loves this card. Most shapers can benefit though because most breakers maintain strength, and the cost savings is definitely there, even after the HQ run and 3. Allowing shapers to do what they do best, hammer RnD, for cheap, is a very good thing. The 5 influence makes it nearly impossible to splash except maybe for Tenma. I'll leave that alone for this review.

In shaper, particularly the popular Calimsha Kate, one of the best ways to hose the deck is to spread code gates to beat cy-cy, or to stack barriers to overtax recursion for lady. This lets you unstack barriers, move codegates out of the way and stick something normal in front of a code gate spread, and just generally make runs as efficient as possible.

Generally this is a 1 of in any deck running it, since you never want it early, and you probably don't want two. It is a lot like vamp where its either a blow out, or useless. Very few Eschers are dry fires due to play decision making. Hopefully this seems more play as glacier comes back into the meta.