Deep Red

Hardware: Console • Install: 2 • Influence: 1


Use the MU on Deep Red only for Caïssa programs.

Whenever you install a Caïssa program, you may trigger its ability without spending .

Limit 1 console per player.

Anarch • Christina Davis • Mala Tempora #42
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Deep Red

There are 3 good reasons to run this card:

1) You're running Sage and don't want to run Dinosaurus alongside it. (If this is you, you might have better luck with MemStrips.)

2) You're running a Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter terrorism build designed to tax the corp into oblivion using Rook and Knight.

3) You really, really enjoy a challenge.

I'm not convinced option 3 is any different from the two above it, but there you have it.

A deck with Overmind and Knight as primary breakers could also do well with this card. —
With regard to Deep Red vs. Memstrips -- DR is less influence and is cheaper. My sage deck runs Dino and Memstrips, but just to make a point. —