ICE: Sentry - Tracer • Rez: 6 • Strength: 6 • Influence: 2

When the Runner encounters Snoop, reveal all cards in the Runner's grip.

Hosted power counter: Reveal all cards in the Runner's grip. Trash 1 of those cards.

Trace3– If successful, place 1 power counter on Snoop.

NBN • Andreas Zafiratos • Mala Tempora #56
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This ICE has been doing some work in Blue Sun: Powering the Future. At first, it was a test, to try and counter I've Had Worse. It works beautifully for that purpose. First, you look at the runner's hand. Do you see anything you would like to snipe? (I've Had Worse, Plascrete Carapace, Self-modifying Code, ...) If you can get a counter without breaking the bank, go for it. Use it immediately if you intend to bring it back at the start of your turn.

But here is the beauty of this ICE: You don't have to use it immediately. Keeping it means the runner has to be even more vigilant.

If you need that 6 credits right now, you have a window after the runner discards where you can use the token, before the start of your turn.