Identity: Division • Deck: 45 • Influence: 15

Once per turn, when the Runner approaches a server, you may install a piece of ice protecting that server in the innermost position, ignoring all costs. The Runner is now approaching that ice.

Jinteki • Emilio Rodriguez • Kampala Ascendent 114
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Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved
MWL Entries
  • Standard Ban List 20.06 (active): Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.4b: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.4: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.3: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.2: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.1: Restricted
  • Standard MWL 3.0: Restricted
  • ANCUR UFAQ 24 [Michael Boggs]

    When the Corp installs a piece of ice with Mti Mwekundu, can they trash other ice protecting the server?


    Does installing a piece of ice with Mti Mwekundu cause K. P. Lynn to trigger twice during a single run?

    Yes. K. P. Lynn meets her trigger condition when the Runner has finished passing all the ice protecting the server at step 4 of the run. Mti does not meet its trigger condition until the Runner approaches the server at step 5 of the run. Mti’s ability then forces the Runner’s position back to step 2 with the newly installed piece of ice, so if the Runner encounters and then passes that ice they will meet K. P. Lynn’s trigger condition a second time.


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