Asset: Bioroid • Rez: 3 • Trash: 4 • Influence: 3

click, trash: Gain clickclick.

The Coordinator is always calm, always smiling, and always tolerant. A worker who knows his skills, knows his role, and knows his place. No master need look into his plastic eyes and fear the flames of revolution, or quake at a forgotten class reaching for self-expression.
...but who ordered him to wear that hat?
Haas-Bioroid • Olie Boldador • Uprising 98
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Bass CH1R180G4
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It's Biotic Labor, except it costs 1 less and the runner can trash it because it is an asset. Actually though, because you need to install this friendly bioroid before he can get to work, you are essentially spending 2 clicks... to gain 2 clicks. So the strategy is installing Bass and using him on a later turn. This makes Bass less attractive than Biotic, despite being 1 less credit.

Of course, being an asset also has a few upsides. He can be reinstalled with cards like Team Sponsorship, rezzed more cheaply with Breaker Bay Grid, searched with Tech Startup and can be used in combination with Biotic in MirrorMorph. He is a combo player's dream, and I imagine people will continue to do cool things with him. Also, he is "only" 3 influence as opposed to Biotic's 4.

So yeah, less straightforward than his operation equivalent, but also wilder.

(Uprising era)

Also comes with one of the best flavour texts in Ashes!