Lil' Dipper

Snake Eyes 4588


This is a Kit Stealth Deck that uses ICE destruction in Spooned. Spooned is a card coming out of Order and Chaos that combos with her ability with the first ICE she encounters each turn gaining Code Gate. Being able to spoon 5 times in a game with help from Same Old Thing is pretty appetizing.

Levy AR Lab Access isn't as good here as a means of resetting the uses of Spooned as most of the deck is permanent effects. Feedback Filter, the Euro card, is in here for the Jinteki match-up. Originally I had Deus X and Clone Chip - but then I figured that Feedback Filter can do the same job more permanently, while taking up less card slots (happily taken by Astrolabes)

Code Siphon as an extra means of tutoring. 100% of your Spoon runs should be hitting R&D anyway (unless there's some really annoying outer piece of ICE elsewhere on the board that you absolutely have to take care of), so this trick shouldn't cost too much anyway. IMO the ideal target here would be a Magnum Opus. Test Run/Scavenging your MO is handy too. Scavenging around your Femme Fatale and refilling your Cerberus "Lady" H1 counters is always handy.

8 Stealth economy cards in Cloak (with enough MU to handle all of them), Lockpick and Ghost Runner, with two different stealth programs in Refractor and Dagger. Switchblade is the best of the Stealth killers, but including one of those would weaken the core concept of this deck due to the influence requirements in needing to cut out a Spooned. (also being unable to bring Silencer in on a more stealth intensive card like Switchblade is harder here.

Deck inspired by various ideas in the Stimhack article written by Feliks:

30 Dec 2014 ttsgosadow

Cool deck idea; read the stimhack article as well. Think the deck should be called The Tick, or just 'Spooooooooon!' :D So going to try this when O&C hits!

30 Dec 2014 daytodave

Since you're always dropping Spooooooooooooon! on R&D, what do you think about a version of this that uses Cyber-Cypher instead of stealth? Booting up a CyberSolutions to support all those cloaks is a bit of an investment, and SMC+Sharpshooter/Deus X + Fem should be enough to deal with any sentries that stick.

30 Dec 2014 Snake Eyes

Haha @ttsgosadow, good call! I was just going after one of the only 2 celestial spoons that I knew.

@daytodave I think that's a fantastic approach to the Spoon play going on here. That would probably kick things off a few turns earlier, so you'd be able to tweak it a little more to make this into more of a rush style deck!

3 Jan 2015 Him

Nice build. I just read the article on Stimhack.

Have you consider -1 Spooned / +1 Planned Assault to save 1 influence ?

The latter could tutor the former or Code Siphon if needed. Then what would extra influence be put into ?

3 Jan 2015 daytodave

Based the games I've been playing, I'd say that 1 influence should be Utopia Shard. I swapped one for one Legwork in my Kit deck, and it had done a ridiculous amount of work every game I draw it.