Scorched Corp

apo 317

This is based on my previous Reina build.

No need for Imps and Mediums when Keyhole just romps through the R&D. I also found I needed a little more Knight revival, so 2 Pawns went in. Also trying to switch Datasuckers with bishops here. I have to agree that suckers in caissa build feel awkward.

18 Jan 2014 Talism

if your using bishop, i might be worth trying to fit in "ice carver" so hit pretty much every ice with your fixed str breakers. with bishop+ice carver

18 Jan 2014 apo


That's a valid approach, but a little slow I fear. I'd rather beat high strength ice with knights and use bishops to help mimic and get some discounts on corroder usage.

19 Jan 2014 x3r0h0ur

There isn't a whole lot i'd change. If you can find yourself not needing bishops, then spinal modem is a better console, if you want to include some MU anyway.

19 Jan 2014 apo


With Keyhole being so MU intensive, parting with Deep Red gets tougher...