Muertos Post-Apocalypse

JonathanJones 92

Plan is simple: Pester the opponent in the beginning with disposable breakers, Crescentus and Muertos for Credit denial, then Apocalypse and Siphon-Spam and Medium to victory. Fool-proof plan.

4 Sep 2015 anr_marsellus

Best deck ever.

4 Sep 2015 anr_marsellus

I am serious. Trolling is hard. Let them rez all their stuff with Muertos Gang members (while drawing 2 cards) and then Apocalypse. Wooh.

5 Sep 2015 Bryguy

I've been having a ton of fun with Geist recently. I was never really a criminal player but the muertos gang member and trashable icebreakers made me take a look at it and i'm glad i did. I love being able to pester my opponent, especially since i play mostly with the same friend i'm tight with. It hadn't even occurred to me the Combo with apocalypse! I love it! I'll def try that! Thanks!

5 Sep 2015 hhooo

looks like it gets ruined by caprice/Crisium

5 Sep 2015 JonathanJones

Crisium has fallen out of flavour from my experience and Caprice is often used for Remote protection. If your opponent doesn't expect the Apocalypse, you might never have to bother with Caprice.

5 Sep 2015 Flips

Taking the smooth criminal and turning him into an Apocalypselord? Love it!

5 Sep 2015 anr_marsellus

I'm just going to test this now xD

5 Sep 2015 anr_marsellus

Alright, you seem to be able to pull off apocalypse quite well. I found other flaws though, that I changed the deck in the following way:

-1 Medium -1 Levy -1 Overmind -1 Desperado -3 Fall Guy +1 Forger +3 Clone Chips +3 Fisk Investment Seminar

Yes, it won a game :) Apocalypting 7 cards or such :D

5 Sep 2015 anr_marsellus

Also, concerning Crisium Grid: The Corp will not rez it on normal runs. And if you expect it, just make it a normal run. No Siphon, no Legwork or such...

5 Sep 2015 NINJC

I started a similar attempt last week, with my Armandageddon deck.

Criminal makes sense, for their disposable tools: events and one-shot breakers, so that you're not committing cards before the board reset. Plus Geist has obvious synergy with trash effects, but I chose him primarily for the draw power as you need to be able to find your copy of Apocalypse at the right time.

Though Ken Tenma may be an alternative option for higher influence, using Express Delivery for draw and perhaps Prey to utilise your face down cards as they rebuild.

13 Sep 2015 Starter

I like to play this Deck very much, thx for it! Why is it not possible to trash the breakers before apocalypse without using it; i coul'd not find anything about that in the rules or the FAQ.

13 Sep 2015 marsellus

Don't have the rules here right now, but be ensured, that that rule exists. Also check out the derived version, which I feel is significantly stronger.