1st Place GNK Hasselt (16p): Sparktaculair

ryanbantwins 1965

I took this deck to the latest GNK in Hasselt where it went 4-0 against Noise, Andromeda, Leela and Au Revoir Hayley.

We all know that NBN is known for stealing everything that Weyland used to be good at. This was an attempt to steal their last pride, Glacier.

With the release of Data&Destiny NBN got some sweet extra econ cards, and even more important some nice though ICE to crack (Archangel and Assassin). The last thing freed up a lot of influence, so I actually had 15 influence to get some decadent cards. And yeah, Econ + ICE + CAPRICE = GG


For my ID I picked Spark because it was new. The deck should work fine out of NEH, but I like Spark more because you need more money than draw in the first place. And yeah, I just like to be annoying for my opponents.

The agenda suit is the same as old school NBN. Napd over Palooza because of the synergy with spark. No Food because I dislike that card when you already have Beale in faction (I give up agenda density for influence and flexibility). Astro is not to fast advance but always nice if you can do so (and otherwhise a free cred and a free click). Breaking News to combo with all seeing AI.

For assets and upgrades nothing fancy except for the three Caprices and an Adonis.

I play only three econ operations. The two All-Seeing I's are deck tech against DLR and some really nice punishment in combination with Breaking News (which you can easily never advance in this deck). It catches a lot of players off guard and switched many games in my favour.

I play 17 ICE to support the glacier. 7 big boys (Tollbooth, Assassin and Archangel) and 10 standard NBN ICE.

You try to score 2-2-2-1 or 2-2-3. Most of the time behind a Caprice in combination with at least one "big boy" and on gearcheck. It's pretty easy to make really good servers with this suit (ex. Archangel -> Wraparound -> Caprice).

21 Dec 2015 Dothanite

I always have to ask when I see it - How did the singleton Special Offer do the day of? You and I play the exact same ad suite save the SO and I'm not sure if it's ever worth it to include.

21 Dec 2015 ryanbantwins

I'm not completely sold on Special Offer either, in fact I changed my second copy for a resistor last minute and I was happy with that change.

Nevertheless I did like the single copy. In theory it's a great card (hedge/sweeps + runner loses a cred). So when it fires I'm a happy man. It's just a tricky card because of it's placement. You should place it where you expect the runner to run once or twice and you don't want/can't stop him. For example against a noise on archives, against shaper on HQ (if you're not flooded). Otherwhise use it to defend your launch campaign or adonis.
There are also a lot of situational uses where this ICE shines: after siphon, in front of Tollbooth (when you're low on creds and want to score), ...

It's a great card for certain moments, but so situational. I don't think I'll go back to 2. But I'm very happy with the singleton.
Hope this helps.

22 Dec 2015 gandrasch

Whats Turnpike and a single Resistor for? All for The All-Seeing I?

22 Dec 2015 ryanbantwins

Turnpike is just a nice piece of taxing ICE. Most people have some kind of resources that they would like to keep on the board, so they are not so willing to take the tags from turnpike. The facecheck is annoying if you want to clear the tag, and even with a mimic it's a 2 cred tax for an ICE that cost only 2. I think turnpike is the best low cost sentry NBN has at the moment. And if they take the tags it's way better than a data raven or a gutenberg for example.

Resistor is not meant to be a tag punishment card, more for a cheap etr. I wanted some extra low cost ICE and resistor is sometimes better than wraparound. It sucks to pay 2 creds for a wraparound if they already have a fracter compared to the free cost of resistor. I don't care if somebody pays 3-4 creds to break the trace. It isn't meant as a gearcheck, because you can follow it up with a caprice. I will swap it immediately with the new spoiled card Vanilla when it is released.