Netdeck? I'll Net YOUR Deck! (1st Place AZ Regional)

ChairmanHiro 449

This is the corp deck I took to the Arizona regionals and went.....pseudo undefeated with 5.5-0.5 (1 game was called on time with the runner ahead, not because I was on PU, but because they had THREE LEVIES). I later beat that same player in the finals rematch by flatline instead of trying to mill him out. I love playing PU, and while I know that makes me a bad person, I just can't stop dealing net damage to runners. I think it's an addiction........and the only prescription is MORE SNARES.


Admittedly PU is more or less a "solved" ID, but there is a little bit of wiggle room for you to mess around with, and some changes I made from the previous version are actually pretty important.

More Ark Lockdowns - Holy RFG batman, this card does work in the current anarch playground that is the meta. It kills levys, kills clots and stops careless orange decks dead in their tracks. The number of times I saw 2x of the same conspiracy breaker in the bin and Ark'd them only to watch the slow realization of horror on the runner's face is insane. And hilarious.

Drudge Work - Fitting name for the type of deck this is, I know, but I think it's probably your best replacement for Whampoa. The fact that it gets you money is really nice, and the REAL treat is that it forces the runner to run to get rid of it, which is what you really want in PU, to force the runners hand so they can't just sit back and play passive like..........well, like you. :P

House of Knives - This is my favorite agenda in the entire game and half the reason I love playing PU so much. Just wanted to put that out there.

Enforced Curfew - Very useful for clearing Estrike, but also really solid in it's own right for being "damage" that you can use on your own terms without needing the runner to attack you. If this sits out for a few turns and makes the runner discard 3 cards its worth its slot. COULD be traded for something else though.

Voter Intimidation - This was here before and it will stay here forever. Film Critic must die. "Now You See Me" was a good movie and I don't care what you say. Also kills other important stuff (Clan Veng, Net Mercur, Caldera, SoT, Wheel, etc)

Sadaka - Basically Voter Intimidation's sibling. I wanted to try it out to make up for Voter's weaknesses and it worked quite well. It's weak to AI's yeah, but that basically just means Aumakua, so it's easy to keep this live by purging. Stops Indexing and topdecks, lets you toss domes, keeps people away early because they REALLY don't want to facecheck PU. It does its job pleasantly well.

Mlinzi - Most people just run 3x BigDogs and that's great, but they get pseudo-blanked by mongoose and not-pseudo-blanked by Hunting Grounds. Plus Komainu is blank in the super late game when they have few to no cards left. I wanted to include the 1x Mlinzi because it gets around Komainu's issues and is still a terrifying facecheck. Plus I like the art.

ONLY 10 INF??!! - If you really wanted to you could trade the curfew for something that costs inf, but PU is pretty self-contained. The only thing you really "need" to spend inf on is the arks and archived memories. The guy on the Nationals stream said it best "other factions don't do net damage".

This deck has won me an SC and a Regional now, so I'm pretty darn happy with it. I just love shooting runners in their runner faces.

See Runner Deck Here:

24 Jul 2018 GunSlingerFire

Something I'm curious about. I notice a lot of PU decks doing the 1 Philotic instead of 3 TFP. What's the reason for that? The off chance they score a bunch of HoK? The 1-2 Net Damage from a late game score? I ask because it doesn't seem to effect how many Agendas the runner needs to score or Agenda density and TFP is theoretically harder to steal...

Thanks for the help!

24 Jul 2018 ChairmanHiro

@GunSlingerFire because you basically never score the TFPs unless absolutely necessary or when they're guaranteed, which is pretty rare. Phil gets you a little damage, but can also be FA'ed with Shipment from Tennin, which gets you closer to winning and removes it from your deck entirely. Basically TFP is hard for the runner to steal, but it's also the hardest agenda for you to score. If you run 3x TFP and the runner manages to get 2 of your obokatas, you prettymuch have to win by flatline, since you can't really score TFP until the runner is at literally 0 cards left.

25 Jul 2018 Shishu

How do you get away with only 5 economy cards? Lot of clicking for credits? Archived the econ? I don't get it.

25 Jul 2018 JamesWinters

-1 Voter Intimidation

-1 Enforced Curfew

-1 Celebrity Gift

+1 Targeted Marketing

+1 Envelope

+1 Sadaka

I hate playing voter intimidation, so I slotted in another Sadaka instead. Wanted one more ETR ice post-Arc. Targeted because I want to slot that card into somewhere. Probably should be 3rd Arc or Snare.

25 Jul 2018 Manadog

@ShishuThese decks spend a lot of turns clicking for credits. You basically wait for the runner to kill themselves on your spiky stuff. So to do that you go as slow and do as little as possible. You almost never draw beyond your mandatory. If they don't run you tennin out a house of knives.

27 Jul 2018 Vortilion

Hm, any way trheres a video of this deck in action? Im trying to learn how to play PU, but Im not very successful with it... losing every single game! :-(

27 Jul 2018 PyWiz

@Vortilion PU in a nutshell:

1) 5 cards in hand? Take 3 and pass.

2) 6 cards in hand? Pick one:

  • Install, take 2, pass

  • Take 3, discard 1, pass

You’re not so much trying to kill the runner as you are waiting for them to impale themselves.

28 Jul 2018 Vortilion

@PyWiz but you glacier your centrals with all your ice? What about scoring? At some point you have too... most games at least.

1 Aug 2018 npgames

I had a fun time losing to it, I wish I could have had a fourth Levy :D

3 Aug 2018 CactusJack


5 Aug 2018 OrionJA


You just wait for the runner to stop running, either temporarily or permanently.

Let's assume for the sake of simplicity a 50-card deck with 20 agenda points in it. That's not legal but it's easy math. On average there are 2 points for every 5 cards; that means that if the runner takes random accesses off R&D they expect to need 17.5 to win.

Now let's assume that you have a Kakugo on R&D and one on HQ and a Breached Dome in Archives. Barring some kind of damage prevention, that means the runner is losing 2 cards from the deck for every successful run. If we assume that the runner needs 10 cards to get set up -- let's say 2 programs, 4 resources, and 4 events -- then they have 35 cards left to soak up damage. If they don't have multi-access or recursion, that means they can make a total of 17.5 runs before they die -- exactly the number they probably need to win.

Now obviously the runner will have some multi-access and/or recursion, and they will get some accesses before you're set up; Kakugo alone will not win the game fore you. However, every other damage source in your deck tips the scale in your favor. If the runner uses Deep Data Mining with 4 free MU, they will spend 3 cards instead of 10 cards to access 5 of yours. But, if one of those cards is a Snare and one is a Breached Dome, then they end up losing 9 cards total.

If the runner doesn't let you flatline them then you have two win conditions -- Obokata Protocol or Shipment from Tennin. If you successfully keep your agendas away from the runner they will eventually use up their whole deck and go down to 3 cards in hand. At that point you could literally just install obokata in a naked remote because there is nothing they can do to stop you.

The other is to wait for the runner to spend a turn refilling their hand or looking for tech cards, then use Shipment from Tennin to fast advance. If you FA one House of Knives you'll wipe out 6 of the opponents cards. Then just score out two Obokata and that's 7. If they already stole your Obokatas or they have some kind of tech (Film Critic, Caldera, etc.) then just sit tight and wait for your next chance to Shipment from Tennin. You have 3 Tennins and 3 Preemptive actions, so you can literally Tennin out 4 agendas if you need to.

9 Aug 2018 ChairmanHiro


Basically what that guy said. Your smaller agendas (HoK, Phil) should be FA'd with shipment from tennin whenever possible, removing them from the card pool and damaging the runner. Ideally you want 1x ShipTen in your hand at all times so you can score a HoK as soon as possible. Your 5/3's, namely obokata, you keep safe behind miraju or in the bin with some domes and/or hokusais until the runner cannot steal them, then you score out at your leisure. TFP, as I stated, should only be scored when absolutely necessary. Your "scoring remote", if you even build one at all, should be nothing more than a kakugo and maybe a hokusai. On rare occasion, you can get away with installing a 5/3, then using 2 shipment from tennin to FA it the next turn, but I wouldn't do that unless you're VERY sure the runner won't run it.

26 Aug 2018 Vortilion

Wow, thanks! Unfortunately this Deck will have to Switch Obokata Protocol for something different because of the new mwl. Any suggestions?

2 Sep 2018 Daigelmir

@Vortilion SSL is a Good alternative. Not best, but just good.