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Revelations 15:5 All nations will come and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed.

I've been working on spinning up a competent Hyoubu deck. And I am here to share it with you! Please allow me to ... reveal ... Hyoubu fast advance, and it doesn't play like anything you've tried before; not exactly.

(I have tried a couple other versions which attempted to leverage Complete Image, but that card just feels waaay better in Chronos Protocol.)


So anyway, the basic concept here is to score 3-cost agendas when you draw them. It's a simple Political Dealings deck, in a way. But it's got some great tricks to leverage the ID (which usually translates into gain a credit on corp's turn, then gain a credit on runner's turn), which turns out to be pretty good.

Card Choices:

Political Dealings: Triggers your ID. This is the linchpin of the deck! This sucker lets you score the points you need and gives you a credit for the reveal (provided you didn't get a credit from the Public Health Portal).

Public Health Portal: Triggers your ID. This card is really strong in Hyoubu. It's basically a red Commercial Bankers Group. It just so happens that one of these is just enough to score a 3-cost agenda.

CSR Campaign: These combo GREAT with Political Dealings because if you draw an agenda you can choose not to draw another card. But, if you didn't draw an agenda, you can choose to draw again, and again, and again if you need to. They also give you some accelerant early to draw into your assets.

Celebrity Gift: Triggers your ID. It's basically 2 Sure Gambles at once for only 3 credits.

Galahad, Merlin, Lancelot: Triggers your ID. These gives you an extra credit on the first encounter each turn (but, you will need to hold on to one of them in HQ for them to work).

Shannon Claire: Triggers your ID. This little lady is a lifesaver. Not only does she protect you against things like Find the Truth, but she lets you gain a credit to do it. She's alternately good for hiding those pesky Obokata Protocols on the bottom of R&D. (You don't want to score those.)

Preemptive Action: This is the old stand-by to get back the pieces that get trashed by the runner. You can also use this to shuffle agendas back so that you can score them with Political Dealings instead of trying to slow advance them.

The Traps:These give you the scare factor as you assemble some pieces. Snare!, Shi.Kyū, and Breached Dome let you spam out your installs to distract the runner and give them pause. And, Prisec can do the same, or it can serve to protect your Political Dealings. A lot of these traps are well-suited to pollute archives as well, so when overdraw (very likely) you have good targets to pitch into the trash.

The Agenda Suite: Obokata is only there to give you room for all the other juicy cards. The real meat in the agenda suite is the 3-cost agendas. Project Yagi-Uda is only good because it gives you 2 points; no other reason. Philotic Entanglement gives you 2 points, but it also punches your opponent in the face (if they stole an agenda or two; including Shi.Kyū). And, Sting! is like a baby Philotic.


First of all, your ID says "don't click for a credit, dummy." Instead of clicking for a credit, it is almost always better to use your ID. Unless, of course, you have already revealed a card that turn. Then just click for a credit, dummy.

As far as ice placement, you will want to protect R&D no matter who you play, so ice that up ASAP. But, depending on your opponent, you may also want to ice up HQ (especially against criminal). Sometimes the threat of HQ traps is enough to deter your opponent. And, you will want to build a single remote for your Political Dealings only once your centrals are secured. The remote should be protected with one or two ice and a Prisec or two. This usually makes it costly enough for the opponent to think twice about trashing it and instead try to race you down into your R&D.

The game plan is essentially: get the Political Dealings and Public Health Portals on the table ASAP. There is never any reason to hold them in hand. In fact, the more you can install at once the better. If they get trashed, you can put them back with Preemptive Action. You also want to install CSR Campaign when you draw it. This lets you accelerate into the rest of your assets. If this sounds a bit like asset spamming, it's because it is. But, you've got a purpose! You're not some degenerate deep space miner!

As you draw up, hold on to as many traps in HQ as you can, unless you want to spam out a bunch of installs at once to distract the runner for a turn or two. You will probably not be able to hold onto them for long as you will be drawing a lot. That's ok. Most of them are effective in archives as well, so you can either install or pitch them fairly liberally.

You can try to sneak out an agenda or two in a naked remote among your traps, but usually the only time you need to try this is when your opponent is so aggressive that they keep checking your remotes and trashing your super cool assets with reckless disregard for your traps. I would advise against this plan.


Beyond the typical unlucky draw where you might not see your Political Dealings the whole game, this deck folds to anti-asset spam decks. Things like Miss Bones, Fencer Fueno, infinity Imp, and their ilk will give you a bad day. Runners who can maintain a highly aggressive board-clearing posture are bad news for you. In those cases, you can try to exhaust their economy and constantly feed them traps. You might be able to pull off a kill with a Philotic score after a Snare hit or Breached Dome archive run. A well-placed Sting in archives with breached domes might also win you a kill.


I hope you enjoyed my write-up, and I hope you take this for a spin to see what you think! Your righteous acts will be revealed!

3 Apr 2019 Frost

Cool deck and writeup! One thing to note is that CSR campaign triggers before you draw for the turn, which means you have to choose whether or not to draw the extra card before you see your mandatory draw.

3 Apr 2019 Cpt_nice

Looks solid.

4 Apr 2019 brmscheiner

Looks way better than the deck Hyoubu deck I've been working on =). Have you considered Tech Startup? It triggers ID and might help make the deck more consistent as well

5 Apr 2019 BlackCherries

@Frost I think the idea is that you reveal the top card of R&D with Public Health Portal as if you were drawing it. If it's an agenda, you don't trigger CSR Campaign. If it's not an agenda, you can draw with CSR Campaign then take your mandatory draw and hope for an agenda.

5 Apr 2019 LynxMegaCorp

Would a single be useful in this deck? Triggers ability; helps maintain control over R&D; lets you play around PHP to some degree; set up future draws for Political.

5 Apr 2019 ntahfs

Thanks for the comments! I just wanted to add that I saw a brilliant use of Yagi-Uda in a very similar deck yesterday. I was excited to actually see someone score an over-advanced Yagi-Uda and use it to swap these very same traps.