Baba Yaga NPE

snek 74

Game plan is to lock the corp servers most efficient icebreaker baba yaga. Imps to counter the only weakness of this deck Chiyashi.

10 Apr 2019 Cluster Fox

Just wanted to quickly point out, in case you weren't aware, that Imp says a card you are accessing. You access cards that are in servers. Ice that's installed protecting servers is encountered by the runner, not accessed, so you can't trash it with Imp.

11 Apr 2019 BenTenFactorial

pretty sure you can imp the ice. nice deck, snek. got to play against some friends and loved it.

11 Apr 2019 Kobe

@BenTenFactorial you can't imp the ice because they don't have trash costs. if you could then you wouldn't even need breakers. you'd just pay to get rid of servers

11 Apr 2019 phula

@Kobe I think you can trash any ice with imp except architect. That card is indestructible.

11 Apr 2019 snek

@BenTenFactorial cool im glad you liked it

I’ve imped a lot of ice and no one has tried to stop me so uhhhh

@phula I thought about that.we have brute force hack and emergency shutdown for architect

11 Apr 2019 freshmint22

You cannot use Imp to trash installed ice. You can use Imp to trash any ice you access from R&D or HQ, including Architect.

11 Apr 2019 pviz

Maybe you can use Imp to trash the ID of the corp?

12 Apr 2019 rex_monolith

You can't trash the corp's ID as you never access it in the same way as you can't trash an installed piece of ICE with Imp. Also beware of stacked breakers like this, if the corp lands a "trash program" subroutine via a Batty (say) Baba Yaga is gone and with it all the cards its hosting !

12 Apr 2019 robertwauhop

If Batty fires to trigger a subroutine, Baba Yaga can just break that subroutine, you just need the money.

12 Apr 2019 rex_monolith

Afraid not, if you lose the secret spend the subroutine runs, the corp trashes the ice that would have broken the routine and the runner face plants into the ice anyway (assuming they fired Batty on encounter) which means in all likelihood the routines on the ice will run again/anyway so another program will be trashed. Its a one shot but brutal if it comes off. Stacked ice like Baba & Co are particularly vulnerable as a runner will rarely have the tools to get them all back.

12 Apr 2019 urban_gardener

The programs just fall off baba if you trash it because they're already installed. If they weren't then you couldn't use them. So you get to keep them

12 Apr 2019 t0rch

@snek did you consider going to 46 cards for another imp and mill protection against potential unleashed?

12 Apr 2019 ayakul

@pviz If you imp the corp ID it's like a better employee strike since it doesn't ever get turned back on.

12 Apr 2019 Corrino22

@snek Don't you need to save imp to deal with code gates since you don't have a decoder? Not sure you can afford to spend your counters on Chiyashis.

12 Apr 2019 Starstorm

Since it's Steve, at least they could potentially recover the programs eventually if batty fired out of a rig shooter

12 Apr 2019 snek

@Corrino22 ... hadnt thought about the code gates, maybe i should add Because i can to shuffle them?

12 Apr 2019 Corrino22

Oh, you already have 2 of them. I hadn't thought of that. Looks like you've got everything covered then.

12 Apr 2019 rex_monolith

@urban_gardener - no if Baba is trashed all hosted programs are lost. If you aren't sure try it on JNet. @ayakul - you can't Imp the corp's ID because you never access it. @Corrino22 - there is no code gate so apart from Aumuaka you are locked out if you hit a code gate with ETR. And no you can't Imp installed ice because you never access it, you encounter it. !

13 Apr 2019 Dragoonkin

You cheated not only DotW, but yourself.

You didn't grow.
You didn't improve.
You took a shortcut and gained nothing.

You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained.

It's sad that you don't know the difference.

13 Apr 2019 themeanlady

what the fuck am i reading lol

13 Apr 2019 EnderA
  • 3 floating influence
  • 2-ofs basically everything (including Crowdfunding)
  • Nonsensical comment storm (with most users having no other content)
  • No decoder
  • Not Standard legal
  • Not Snapshot legal
  • Not even remotely Eternal viable
  • Includes Bribery
  • Career Fair included for 2-of Daily Casts/Calderas
  • Only published deck
  • No published reviews

Hmm... could this guy be a troll gaming the system for imaginary points?

15 Apr 2019 x3r0h0ur

I think this person wasss ssomme deck SSSlloottss OH NO Itssss haappening agaainn Ssssss!