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This is a District 99 Null deck!

The basic concept is to have a ton of duplicate programs and hardware to use with Null and Patchwork in order to build up D99 counters so that you can get those cool cards back! (Boomerang is amazing with D99). This also runs Stargate and Equivocation as a bit of a misdirect, but they can also create alternate win conditions.

The idea is to force the corp to spend ice protecting HQ, R&D, Archives, and a Remote. There is usually a weak spot somewhere, and this deck can almost always exploit it.

Some Suggested Lines of Play:

  • Fear the Masses on HQ to trash and access as many cards as possible. Use D99 to gain back FTMs. Check Archives frequently to see if you just win.
  • Fisk Investment Seminar + FTM mill the corp. Unfortunately, you can't gain back FIS with D99 since it's out of faction. Don't worry about accesses. The goal is to deck the corp.
  • Stargate + Equivocation on R&D to look at up to 4 cards and trash your favorite. The goal here is to either thwart the corps plan by trashing key cards, or access the agendas from Archives.
  • FIS + Equivocation runs repeatedly (with Stargate) for an alternate mill strategy.
  • Straight up Netrunner. Access remotes, use Null + Patchwork to build up D99 counters which you can use to gain back Liberated Accounts for efficient money.

Some Tips and Some Weaknesses :

  • I suggest you mulligan for D99 and Patchwork. Those are the two cards that can provide the most value over the course of the game. Of course there are other appealing starting hands such as money and breakers. You make the call!
  • I find that I am clicking to draw A LOT! It would be great to squeeze in some additional draw cards. (In fact, I have an alternate version with Deuces Wild instead of Equivocation, but I'm not sure which I prefer.) Anyway, don't be afraid to click to draw!
  • The regular FIS rules apply. Try to wait until they are near max hand size to use it. That way they have to choose between cards. Some games it may be best not to use FIS, especially if you want to deny a particular strategy to your opponent, i.e. the Stargate line of play.

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26 Apr 2020 Möbius Striptease

Love this.

29 Apr 2020 ntahfs

Thanks! This has gotten a really good win rate on jinteki.net. Maybe I'm just lucky, or maybe I've stumbled onto something that's actually pretty good. :D :D :D