Generational Teamwork

Tacomental 23

Iain Rebirth deck.

Need to have kati asap to start building a bank so you can hostage in theo and pop her to navigate hand size. Ideally stockpile credits for a an early-midgame Gameday to draw your hole deck, mass install your breakers and then have a huge drip econ.

+2 Iain +3 Data Folding

+2 Rezeki

7 recurring credits a turn. +3 credits a click if you can abuse triple aeneas informant.

Late game create ebb and flow in tempo with CBI Raid recursion. After you CBI raid someone if you have corporate defector the corp can't redraw their hand without letting you know exactly what is inside it.

If you cbi raid and they have an asset to abuse and they draw 1 card at a time use your turn stockpiling money. If you have enough money to comfortably dismantle their scoring server do that too.

If you can hold calling in favors till end game you can get 8 cr out of each one which helps fill the temp gaps created by CBI when the corp thinks they have a window.

27 Jul 2020 ValkyriezGaming

This sounds wild.