Los Of Fun

Pinkwarrior 2294

This deck has one aim to run at ICE and get paid and boy dose it do that.

Bukhgalter because it's good but its better when your breaking for free then its just free money.

Makler is also good in fact its a top teir breaker seriously compare it to Corroder & Paperclip for breaking costs it generally falls between them except on 2 common ICE where it's actually better than both. Yes better than Paperclip for Gold Farmer & Border Control even better with multithreaders.

Cyberdelia's for extra MU and more money on breaks.

The Turning Wheel so you can get multi-access on top of your free money.

The rest is just good stuff that you'd expect in Crim.

27 Jul 2020 ShinMuteki

Simple and effective. Good job! I love this deck!