Rude Astronauts (5-1 American Continentals)

infinitejester00 70


Most of the corp decks I build are a hodgepodge of cards that I somehow find success with, and this list is definitely in that category. I've been tweaking it over the past few weeks but here were some of my design considerations:

  • Since the 20.06 banlist was released, a lot of runners have been throwing their favorite barrier breaker in the trash (oh yes, even Shapers and Criminals). I find this to be disrespectful, so for that reason Ark Lockdown is essential in order to return that disrespect.

  • I wanted to trap all the Boomerangs in my Spiderwebs.

  • I was expecting a lot of criminals on Aumakua, so Cyberdex Sandbox was an easy pick as the one odd value agenda...filling a slot that could have easily been Oaktown Renovation.

  • I like having access to multiple win conditions, even if it makes the deck a bit more bizarre. Archived Memories is a great card that allows flexibility for the one-of threats (Hard-Hitting News, Trojan Horse, Ark Lockdown) or for value plays depending on the matchup. Scoring out behind Archers and Border Controls, Kill, FA scores with Oberth, and a full barrier lockout are all possible outs.

  • Snare was a recent include inspired by the rude Outfit lists from earlier Continentals. I was on the Junebug threat before, but I wanted to switch to surprise damage that can't be Falsified. It was alright on the day, but did almost flatline the runner in my one loss.

So the big question...why Jemison?

Well, I like playing Jemison. I think it's a really cool ability that doesn't tip off the runner to your strategy (besides including Oberth in your deck). Sacking your agendas and then coming back to win is like in Mario Kart, when you duck back on the last lap to get the better power-ups to then cruise towards the finish line. I also really enjoy those big moments of Tithonium/Archer rezzes, and Jemison allows you to get tempo off of that. You can try to bait runs with an unadvanced NGO and still get the value after an Archer rez, or try never advancing your GFIs.

Thanks Nisei for a great tournament!

3 Aug 2020 Cliquil

I've plaved a lot of Jemison. I watched this deck on stream and kept thinking I'd worked it out I kept being wrong. I love it.