Near-Earth Tag [7th Swiss/14th Overall American Continental]

Ar00nDELL 163

This is mostly @internet CTM list with just a few (not so original) changes, mainly related to agenda suite as I prefer to have Bellonas and a third Tour Guide. The deck has been super solid during Swiss going 4 - 0 (against Apoc 419, Khusyuk Wu, Leela and Kim with Imp/Knob/Consume), then I lost the second game of the cut against Leela, probably because of some poor choices by my side (and a double Embezzle turn).

Overall very happy with the result. Before the tournament I thought that GameNet would have been the best option for the meta but I didn't find enough time to practice and I thought that those very long games would have burnt me out in the long run. I think this deck gives the opponent a lot of opportunities for making critical mistakes and being exposed to one threat or the other (leaving the board go out of control or getting tagged).

If anyone is interested here are 2 links to Swiss games courtesy of Koga's stream:

Against Wu

Against Leela

Thanks a lot to NISEI team for the HUGE work and thanks to the Italian meta for the support during the day and on stream commentary (sorry for the shameful Day 2!).