Real Fast Medic

Diogene 184

I tried real hard to fast advance with Harmony. I tried to make is expensive, with Chiyashi and stuff, but it does not work well. I tried with Border Control. It work better. But still difficult, if you are unlucky with the draw.

6 of 9 agendas take 3 clicks to score. It means those can be scored from hand. There is 9 fast advance cards in the deck, that's 20%, or one in five. Biotic Labor (BL), Mushin No Shin (MNS) and La Costa Grid (LCG).

MNS, you want to have an ETR ice in hand. Mushin an agenda and put an ETR on it. Early, it is strong. We are Jinteki and people are wary of Mushin the first time. It will not work a second time, so trash it if you have a second Mushin.

BL is the usual, use is to score from the hand if possible.

LCG allow you to score in one turn the 3 agendas that requires 4 clicks (and creds). It also allow you to charge up a Bio Vault.

Anansi is for the rare case where you have creds and you absolutely need to stall the runner.

This deck is meant to win in 12 turns or less. Ices are cheaps (with one exception), and you'll use LCG and Biotic maximum 3 times. So it is not too expensive. Because the deck goes really fast, Cortex Lock is super strong. It will stall the player and sometime cause huge damage on a facecheck.

17 Aug 2020 CanisAleph

I've taken this deck out for a spin and it's really fun. Nobody expects it to go as fast as it does and it catches a lot of people by surprise. I've made one change so far which I think is really helping, which is -3x [[IPO]] +3x [[Medical Research Fundraiser]]. I tend to play pretty poor and often having the money to play IPO is tricky. Since the ICE is mostly cheap and about gear checking, it doesn't hurt so much to give 3 credits to the runner with Medical Research Fundraiser.

19 Aug 2020 Shorty

Love the idea out of Harmony Medtech!

19 Aug 2020 Diogene

@CanisAleph, that's a neat idea. I'll try it for sure. I was worried about giving tempo to the runner, but your suggestion lower the "click for cred" probability, I like it. Thanks for the comment.

@Shorty Thanks, it took a lot of try, I'm glad you like it.

19 Aug 2020 M4n0

This is a very fast deck! Well assembled

20 Aug 2020 Diogene

@M4n0 Thanks!

8 Sep 2020 zmb

Kakurenbo would be fun to try in this deck!

8 Sep 2020 Diogene

Note to all : A minor change was done : I replaced IPO by Medical Fundraising (shout out to @CanisAleph) and swapped one Biotic Labor for one Audacity (thanks Klokotze).

@zmb Kakurenbo is an amazing card. In my experience, it fare better when you have traps in th deck. That way, the runner does not know if what you put on the board comes from Archives and if it is a trap or an agenda. Otherwise, the effect is the same as install-advance-advance. This is why I did not include it here. With NGO in the deck, Kakurenbo become a good econ card. Putting a run bait on the board and giving you 6 creds overall, all for 3 clicks worth. Well worth it.