OKORINA Stim Dealer 5 Click Aggression

Sokka 556

Dead in 18 turns? Rosa Piper is too busy ripping apart corps to worry about that

OKORINA 2 is coming up! What an exciting time! I added Stim Dealer to the ID pool after finishing top of the last tournament. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to this one, but I feel obligated to share my decks for my IDs so I hope you enjoy! My Sentinel Defense Program deck can be found here.

The idea here is to go fast (because you don’t have too long to live) but also to take advantage of consistent 5 click turns. Corps are quite strong in this format, so I think a runner that’s just looking to hit them fast and hard and close out the game before the Corp can set up anything would do pretty well.

5 clicks in a turn is a lot of fun for Anarch. You can install and liberate your entire account on the same turn. You can get a Day Job but still have time to make a run in the evening. You can Wanton Destruction and hit the Corp for FOUR cards. You can Apocalypse and also play Notoriety to get a point while you’re at (or you can just play 2x Notoriety on the same turn). The possibilities are endless! Just make sure to get that Stargate going ASAP, and even if that’s not enough to win the game just yet, you can still Rebirth into Bhagat and keep both yourself, and the pressure on the Corp, alive!

Would love to hear some thoughts about the deck and GLHF at OKORINA 2 for those attending!