Both. Both Is Good.

CritHitd20 2510

The Road To El Dorado is a fun movie with enough mature jokes to keep the parents engaged while the kids enjoy the slapstick humor and lovable characters. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Cyberdex Sandbox is the new hotness, but I'm a big Nisei Mk 2 enthusiast, and playing both is a good enough excuse to include GFI over Obokata. This could be wrong. Who knows? I'm winning a lot though.

This deck has no Thimblerigs. Apparently you don't need them?

21 Aug 2020 Saan

I kinda like the 3 Eli's rather than 1 Border Control. Still 3 to break with Clippy, but you get 3 of them!

21 Aug 2020 CritHitd20

Yea idk. I really like the high volume of cheap taxes that this deck offers, and the ID is mostly just to rush early or stop stuff like Doof or Apoc as opposed to cheese remote stuff and BC. Only the sentries cost more than 3 to rez and they all tax.

22 Aug 2020 qvm

Nice. If you go 9 agendas, food is certainly a good option too.

Otherwise just a bunch of good cards. Most controversial point is only 2 vaults.

How's surveyor?

22 Aug 2020 lostgeek

I like the development on the 9 agenda suite. In my Palana variant, I was building on BC + Data Loop to provide a safe scoring remote for the Obokata in the late game.

With AgInf you're forfeiting the Border Controls, because you can play better ice and have a similar effect from your ID ability. Freeing up more influence by dropping the whole Data Loop + Obokata plan and using 3 GFI seems like a great follow-up on that idea to me. That way you can give up one additional scoring attempt on the remote, which is kinda like a Border Control run, where you didn't even have to trash your ice for.

Love the execution. Now I'm wondering whether any of this is applicable to Palana as well :D

22 Aug 2020 CritHitd20

I think Surveyor is a generally busted card, but it is weak early on centrals and is targeted by Boomerang a lot. I went down to 2 so I could use it after the rush phase of the game was over as a win condition for the remote server, and that has worked well for me.

22 Aug 2020 qvm

Yeah 3 surveyor is probably too many.

I also haven't rezzed as many thimbles as I would like. Problem is ttw bounce. If you want to use two turns to move some taxing piece to the outside of a central, you give the runner a turn of free bounces.

20 Sep 2020 Anzekay

get rid of those boring ice, like Surveyor, and replace them with the superior Big Ice: Tyr.