Diogene 198

I aim to make the strongest Bioroid ever. ID +1, Rime +1, Red Tape +3. With this, Eli get a strenght of 9!!!

For creds, there is : Daily Quest, HF, IPO, CFC Excavation, Rashida. For CFC, there is 16 bioroid cards in 49 (32%, or 1 in 3).

Now, this is obviouly a glacier deck. Funny part, only the sentry ices are expensives.

The aim is to make an Embolus Hell by protecting the centrals heavily and putting Embolus on the remote. If the Embolus are allowed to "recharge" to 2 or more, it become super expensive to break a remote.

Jinja is an auto include in any glacier HB. Ash is the defensive upgrade.