Interactive GameNET? 3-1 @ Berlin SC

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"It's so mean.. I like it" - Saan, first time seeing the list

"a more interactive version [of GameNET]" - also Saan


So, this is my first selfbuild deck that acutally works. The whole deck came about, when people did not stop complaining about Bellona as a card. But how can we make Bellona even more bonkers?
Having a La Costa Grid installed, install Bellona, advance and play NAPD Cordon. That's 11 to steal. Nice.
After that the question was, what synergizes with La Costa Grid.

The 2nd Reversed Accounts got swapped for Preemptive Action as I was playing against a lot of Apocalypse beforehand and wanted some recursion. As I never saw it in the tournament I can't comment on the usefulness.

An earlier Version played more of the cheaper ICE, but I usually have the money to rez the big stuff. The rest pays for itself.

I also played a 15 Minutes Version beforehand, but decided to change to 7 agendas + Echo Chamber, because I suspected multiple Hayleys and it pressures the runner more into checking the remote.

On the day it worked great, while an earlier version went 2 - 5 during EurAf, so just try it out and see for yourself.

Store Championchip

Our first in person tournament again! We were only 8 people, so a playmat felt in reach for the first time. All other players attending were Veterans compared to me, but I beat everyone at least once before (except dome_), many on this list. My biggest concern was my runner, ICE destruction Hoshiko.

Game 1 - Dima

After steamrolling Swiss @ German Nationals he took a break and is now back with his favorite ID: Sunny.
Both our decks are slow, so it's mostly an eco game. An early Gachapon whiffed and he's seeing nothing to install, but shortly after he got 2 PAD Taps down and the Rezekis started appearing. He trashed 2 early Daily Quests which leaved me comparativly poor with no money to rez the HQ ICE. That means the Bellona has to go into the remote behind a Gold Farmer, where it sat for a couple of rounds. After I managed to get some money and him going low on Credits, I advance + advance + NAPD Cordon. Either he plays some burst eco and steals it with nothing left or the game starts turning in my favor.
Dima had the perfect answer and surpirse-stimhacked for 3 points.
The build up continued and he started dripping for 3. I got a La Costa Grid and a Bio Vault running but he had always enough money and started building up Turning Wheel counters. We both were surprised by time being called so he went in HQ for a sweep, I vault the first attempted, where he got in with Security Nexus but he gets in a second time with Security Chip and sees everything including the SSL bringing him to 6 and the win.

Luckily his MirrorMorph got flooded and I snatched up a win beforehand. - Split

Game 2 - Quercia

He's on Apoc Hoshiko and is going all in on his plan.
Igor was struggling on the eco side for the hole game, while I was bathing in money. My only problem was, that I got Apoc'ed thrice and Wanton'ed twice and was searching for ICE. I somehow managed to score 2 agendas between those, but loosing 1 to Igor and 3 to archives. Luckily NAPD Cordon works on every agenda detering him one more round which let me drew into Tollbooth, which he had not an answer for, getting me the win behind a second Tollbooth in front of the remote.

In my runner game I find all my eco and non of my breakers, which makes running against The Outfit pretty scarry. He manages to score out, before I can do too much. - Split

Game 3 - dome_

Dome was on qvm's Leela, which was a bad matchup for my GameNet. He still managed to steal 2 agendas, but after I got his turtle locked out. The game was pretty much over at that point as he was too low on credits for Amina and all my servers either had Enigmas, Tollbooth or 2 Slot Machines and a Gold Farmer.

For his Corp he's on UK Asa. I've played that deck once, but am still too unexpirienced with Asset Spam in generell. He first got a Project Vitruvius with 2 counters and manages to dump around 15 cards on the board with Successful Field Test, which ment the game was over. - Split

Game 4 - Saan

What a game. It was my first time playing on stream, which can be seen here from 4:10:40 onwards. I got so nervous I was starting to shake at times.
Anyway, Brian's on Chisel Hoshiko (write up), which was basically the deck I copied for the day. He also finalized/build my Nationals decks, knows my deck and is generally a more expirienced player. So it was going to be a tough game.

After scoring an early agenda, I manage to bluff 2 NGOs which allowed me to score the 2nd agenda, while not folding to Stargate. When I realised he's not on Apoc my heart sank when I realised how bad Hydra is against Chisel + Devil Charm. So my super bluff agonizing about a R&D rez was more about, do I want to pay 10 for a Devil Charm less in the game? :P
After that it was about finding the Echo Chamber as I knew he could not afford to run the remote everytime, which happened soon enough for me to win. I think the biggest swing was him paying through a Gold Farmer to see a NGO.

After that game I was glad, that my runnerlife was a short one as I got punitived afer I stole my first agenda. - Split again.


Thanks to anybody who read anything of this. I split every match and managed to become 5th of 8. Considering the field and that I did not pratice my runner I'm super happy with the results.
I think the list can be improved apon. I still love La Costa Grid and will probably try some Jinteki stuff next. Vulnerability Audit + La Costa? No? No one? ^^

A big thanks to all the attendies. The whole thing was a blast to play and a pleasure to meetup with everyone again. Special thanks to
Brian for organizing
Klaus for hosting
and Nimer for beeing the anchor of Berlin Netrunner.

25 Aug 2020 lazychef13

that was a nice read, congratulations on your cool list and a strong performance. Keep up the good work. PS: also thanx for the icecream breakfast :)

25 Aug 2020 bowlsley

Hey, well done! I watched a bit of the stream yesterday but it was the cut by that point and I didn't realise I'd missed you. Glad to see some actual in-person Netrunner though, makes me miss it!

25 Aug 2020 Saan

I seriously just sat here for like 5 mins trying to think of more quotes to throw at you, but I'm coming up blank. Thanks for the games! They were both tense as hell.

I realized while watching the VOD that when you put down the SSL (your second agenda), I could have just clicked for 3 and run the remote, Chiseling the outer ICE (trashing Stargate to fuel the Simulchip) and breaking the Gold Farmer. I get punished by Bellona, but there was only one left in the deck at that point, so it was unlikely. Anyhow, you deserved the win; you played really well.