Trash 12 or Let Me Score

KoRayven 59

BoN distilled into its purest, meme-y-est form. It initially began as a hybrid rigshooter/kill deck but it became obvious that the rigshooter aspect wasn't working out, so I leaned into the kill aspect, streamlined it, and never looked back.

There are six three-pointers with 3 Gene Splicers for the final point. This deck has basically two modes: slow FA through Dedication Ceremony or slow grind. Transitioning from one gameplan to the other is so easy, it might not even be noticed. The greatest benefit this deck can offer is that scoring windows almost always have an associated cost attached to them: CWP in the form of cards, SDS in the form of installed programs. Games are often be decided by the boardstate after the first score. If the runner hasn't punished this deck relentlessly for that first score, it's often too late for them. DRM functions as a fourth CWP and Gene Splicer should always be scored at the first available opportunity. It is very easy to get locked out at the sixth point.

Operations are self-explanatory. 3 Punitives are necessary both for consistency and for lulling the runner into a false sense of security. Never be afraid of using Consulting Visit purely to tutor things into Archives, always leave one Dedication Ceremony and/or Mass Commercialization in your Archives for easy access via Archived Memories, and always Preemptive your Archived Memories.

Between cheap, fast, and effective, cheap and effective ice were chosen. Ice Wall and Masvingo are self-explanatory, Akhet is amazing and an auto-include, Colossus was cut because of its high cost. Hortum was cut for a number of reasons. The deck has enough ETRs that an immediate ETR Code Gate wasn't necessary, the deck doesn't really care about Aumakua or Eater, and the subs and break ratios just pale in comparison to Mausolos. Lone sentry is Formicary and it has been an absolute star for this deck. I have had games where it singlehandedly saved the day by screwing with the runner's math running into the remote and games where Formicary set the runner back so hard T2 that it basically handed me the game.

Finally, remember to use Akhet as a win-con. The dream is CWP->Dedication->Dedication into a server with 3 triple-advanced Akhets. I've only pulled off the two-Akhet variant and I still see the moment in my dreams sometimes. Double Dedication-ed CWP into triple Akhet would probably tear a rift through our reality through sheer big dick energy. Nothing in Netrunner will ever assert dominance like demanding the runner pay the cost of 3 Obokatas to get one Obokata's worth of points.