Diogene 184

The old dream of winning by using a shell game with Jinteki is back! No ice. All bait and stick.

The trick is to bait various cards with your ID. Not all of them, but a lot of them. So that the runner does not know which is which. Is this a Rashida or a Snare? That card with an advancement is a Cerebral or an NGO?

The bane of this deck will be Silhouette and 419. I did not face them yet, but with their reveal abilities, it would be nearly impossible to bait them. At the very least, it would be expansive. A lot of Criminal have revealing cards, they are the faction to beat with this deck. Maybe Psychic Field would be useful here.

On the plus side, Apoc deck are useless, since it is not an asset spam deck. You'll have about 4 remotes, give or take one.

Anarch and Shaper are fair game. Being rich does not help much here.

Here are some moving part : Hangeki, Shi.Kyu and News Team will allow you to force the runner to get -1 agenda point, for a max total of -6 agenda points. This will keep you going for a bit. If the runner does not take the agenda penalty, Shi.Kyu and News Team will stay in Archive, protecting it forever.

Mushin let you put a heavy risk for the runner. They can run it and lose big (3 brain damages or 6 net damage hurt) or take the risk that is was an Obotoka or Fetal.

Kakurenbo allow you to get a card from archive, but with tokens. Again, a risk.

The upgrade let you protect centrals or make baits hurt.

Bad Pub does not hurt you, since there is no ice to break and everything is pretty cheap to trash, that is why I choose Reality Threedee to have a nice drip.

Jeeves will let you score the Obotoka next turn, but only once.

Every agenda but one will hurt. A Fetal on top of Ben Musashi and Prisec is a show stopper.

It is a trick deck, a shell game, a trap. It is also hilarious and fun, since most runner decision will be based on perceived danger (or the math of cards).

Finally, yes, it would be possible to add ices. But this would make it a normal jinteki deck. That is not the point of this deck.