I've come to the conclusion that Baba Yaga belongs to Nasir

Business_watch_dog 20

Gosh, I'm out of practise with making these decks. Remember Nasir? Poor man got cycled out of the game while back, but he possessed the truest of jank potential. And here it is! In one form at least.

As always with him, personal workshop. He puts everything off as long as possible, just what he do.

Now the breaker suite. Chuck Baba on the omni drive and plug in the three other things for free breaking unless you're hitting a barrier. Then it costs one. Course, you still need to strengthen it, so just blackstone it for relative permanency. Net-ready does the same thing as omni but I guess you don't have eyes anymore.

Tutor stuff that you need out. Tyson feels gross but what choice do you have? Didn't think so.

Look, I'm not entirely sure how this plays and it's kinda late. Just recur credits good enough that baba is free and you can run without planning too hard. Don't have the mars one or the tree in this deck because I don't own those sets and I can't be bothered to print them. No uprise or downrise either because even though those guys are cool as, the cards don't have the same border and I like the old one better. All in this deck that matters is Baba (and da bois) and Nasir. Keep the escalating power levels between ice and then you can buy more power. Very exciting.

2 Sep 2020 ErgoMagnificent

Nassir is probably my favorite runner because he requires you to approach deck design from an entirely different angle. I've tried the Baba stack once or twice, but couldn't find something I liked.

You might like Cold Read. You usually don't want to use the credits with your breakers, but rather to SMC or Workshop stuff into play mid-run.

2 Sep 2020 Krams

I don't really get the 3x Ghost Runner. You need roughly 1 stealth cred per run to boost Baba once and you got that 1 cred covered by 3x Cloak and 1x Net Mercur. It seems a bit overkill to run even more stealth since you have that 1:1 normal boosting backup from Faerie.