Run Ken Run Faster

Diogene 186

This is the trick : Use Oracle May to draw as soon as you get it. Always name Events. Either you trash a heap breaker (no problem), trash another Orable May (you already have one) or get an Event + 2 creds.

A big thanks to chaosof99 and MightyPhong, for their comments and suggestions.

After some testing, here are the main improvements : The Maker's Eye (R&D multiaccess), Apocalypse (to deal with asset spam). Embezzle work a bit like Wanton Destruction, but give creds and is more hasardous.

And the card to solve the issues of breakers not returning to the heap after an Apocalypse is Independent Thinking. With this, it is possible to return the breakers to the heap, and gain some draw in the process. Neat.

Emergency Shutdown (ES) has replaced Leave No Traces (LNT). LNT usually gave a free run, because the corp would not rez. But ES put more economic pressure on the corp. By having to rez an ice twice, it cost a lot for the corp. This also give added value on HQ run, like after a DoF or Embezzle or Legwork.

On the Lam is the tech versus damage deck. Especially those that play punishment (Punitive, etc.). It's good also versus Hard-Hitting News.

All your run events (20 of 45) will gain you a cred, meaning they cost you one cred less. 40 events insure that Oracle May stay relevent for almost every turns.

Use Hostage to get Oracle May as soon as possible, because she is the reason for the deck and a big credit gain.

Use Special Order as soon as you get it, to make sure you can put the icebreaker in the heap. This way, when you'll run multiaccess events, you will have the whole suite ready to fire.

There is a lot of creds in this deck. 59 creds just in events. Oracle May should give you about 10 creds per 6 turns. Legwork, Inside Job and Spear Phishing will cost you only one cred each.

I've got the excellent suggestion from chaosof99, I've replaced Easy Mark and Blueberry Diesel by Exclusive Party, which is much better.

One thing of not about this deck : It is not sustainable for the long game. Past turn 15, if you cannot Apocalypse, you'll have to score agendas or you'll be out of cards. Apocalypse earlier than later, to reduce the number of ices possible on the board. Because by turn 25, you'll be able to only click for creds.

Here are the good criminal stuff that is not in the deck : Any ressources, any hardwares, any programs. But nobody can come close to the number of events you got.

3 Sep 2020 Brogue Leader

Why 2 Hostages and 2 Oracle Mays and not 3 Hostages and 3 Oracle Mays? I mean, sure it's an extra click and credit to play Hostage rather than just install her but you're already committed to doing that in half your games by playing 2 and 2, and drawing another dead Hostage with Oracle May at least gets you some money vs drawing a dead May, no?

3 Sep 2020 Brogue Leader

Sorry, that should read "and not 3 Hostages and 1 Oracle May".

3 Sep 2020 Diogene

@Brogue Leader You need at least 2 Oracle May. One for before the Apocalypse and one for after the Apocalypse. Because of influence, 2x is the max currently. You could add an extra Hostage for more security.

On a side note, I thought of putting Rip Deal to get back Oracle May after the Apocalypse. But it takes two cards to combo just right for that to happen. After an Apocalypse, you would need to get, in this order : Independent Thinking and Rip Deal. The other way (which I selected), is to either use Hostage or draw Oracle May after an Apocalypse.

Keep on posting. Cheers!