Good old Inversificator - but faster

Diogene 198

Kit was one of my first runner. I also used to have so much fun with Inversificator. That was quite a while ago, in a different meta.

Here, I tried to put it back together. Here is the result. Central multiaccesses and lots of creds to go around.

Kit ability will insure that you can facecheck anything, if you have 10 creds and Inversificator. Use the swapping ability to your advantage, like advancing by one hop on the same ice. Or putting the easy ice on central and hard ices on Archives. So much shenanigans possible.

There is many cards that give cred. Rezeki, Pro.Co., Daily Cast, Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry, Armitage Codebusting, Beth Kilrain. That's 20 cards of 45. While it is possible for Supercorridor to get you creds, it is unlikely (about 2 creds per game). Supercorridor instead give you +2 MU (only 4 creds) and +1 Hand size, which is handy with damage decks.

Ika will let you pass Anansi and its variant for pretty cheap. Paperclip is the best fracter in the game. And Inversificator is actually a very good breaker. But to make Inversificator more efficient, there is Gebrselassie, which will allow you to keep the strenght for the whole turn! With judicious swapping of the ices, you can make your life super easy. Putting that Border Control on Archives is sweet.

Multiaccess come from Legwork and The Maker's Eye (and The Turning Wheel, if you are lucky).

As usual, Simulchip is for insurance and and shenanigan, like getting Paperclip or Inversificator from the heap by trashing an SMC. Misdirection is just good protection, especially with NBN.

I took out Synthetic Blood. It was replaced by 3 Diesel, which accelerated the deck and can give a boost in case of urgent need (usually, you'll prefer Pro.Co).

In the old days, I used Stimhack as a way to accelerate the deck. It is still worth it, but I prefers more multiaccess and influence is tight with Kit.

It's worth it to repeat : Inversificator is so much fun, in a light trolling kind of way. You can almost hear the corp screaming at their screen "What! Noooooo! $&%$!!"

Good times.