Lat Brings the Apocalypse

BizTheDad 137

I've had a love/hate relationship with Lat ever since they were released. I've tried so many different archetypes with limited success.

Enter the Apocalypse. I know, I know, yet another Apocalypse deck. Until Nisei figures out that Asa needs a hard nerf I don't know what other non-Anarch archetype can compete.

I love this deck's simplicity both in its goal and the way it tries to meet that goal -- Apoc the corp's board state and Stargate for the win. I've found it surprising how easy I've Apoc'ed nearly all corp archetypes. Ag Infusion obviously presents the hardest Apoc challenge but Out of the Ashes simply nullifies the boop. Palana's rush presents the next greatest challenge but Compile can usually challenge early remotes. In both Jinteki matchups Deus Ex does serious work on Anasi -- the hardest ICE to deal with in other Apoc decks I've run.

Have fun playing this if you choose to run with it. I know I've really enjoyed playing with it.