Worlds 2020 (2-4, 139th Place)

Havvy 95

A very standard build on Adam. Very happy with the list, two of the losses were very close being on 6 points (Sportsmetal and AoT), the other two losses was to Asa HHN Boom (which is hard to predict beforehand) and a Palana on a good draw. The wins was vs Palana and Asa.

The 44 - 45th card is Jackpot!, although the paydown is very nice. Buffer Drive was a late include for some program recursion, but didn't see play except for Emergent Creativity fuel!

Overall, I think with a little bit more 'luck', this deck could have gone 4-2 and I would certainly be happy to play this deck again.

Shoutout to Aki and adamlounge in slack, thanks for tuning this deck for me!

13 Oct 2020 An Ordinary Hacker Girl

Codebusting > Jackpot. You heard it here first.

16 Oct 2020 Havvy

booo Aki. boooo. Codebusting needs clicks, therefore Jackpot > *

16 Oct 2020 Shorty

Hello Havvy, cool deck! I have capture our games of round 5, you (and of course everybody else) can find them here:

18 Oct 2020 Havvy

Hey Shorty! I'll give it a watch - thanks for the link :)