Medtech FA

x3r0h0ur 8705

Inspired by the latest Team Covenent video I made a Medtech FA deck, in my short testing this is bananas. It's rush mixed with fast advance, and my god can you win fast. It competes with astrobiotics on scoring speed. Sweeps + MHC can also get ridiculous. I love how drawing for agendas has 0 feelbads of discarding cards because typically they're shock and shi.kyu, which makes your 1 Susan so much mobetter.

Try it, you'll like it.

5 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

I played with a local here and we decided that wraparound or swordsman saves a lot of headache with Atman (which is still a thing btw).

We landed on -1 sweeps week -2 himitsu +2 wrap around +1 Medical Research Fundraiser. As it sits, atman gobbles it up hard with a little parasite action. Anyone else who plays, provide feedback here. This deck could be a thing.

5 Jun 2014 Flux

Do you ever have an issue with your Sansan's getting trashed?

5 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

Well, yea? The deck tries to run fast enough that trashing it should be a big blow to the runner's econ. Another iteration we tried has 2 interns in it. Interns is good against ice destruction, and to keep putting MHC and SanSan on the field as threats. 2x interns is a spicy add too.

I recommend playing it as a rush/FA deck and then coming back with questions, it's really a deck you have to play to understand.

5 Jun 2014 Garbo

I've been testing something quite similar recently and I agree it seems good. One issue I noticed in my games is it that it feels a bit more susceptible to quick losses due to not drawing enough ice/Econ etc in the first 2-3 turns, especially against Gabe. Have you encountered that?

10 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

Gabe knight is tough to deal with for anyone rushing IMO, but the key is to draw heavy. With shock and shikyu you have cards you want in archives anyway, and are fine with in HQ, I think drawing 2 nearly every turn is the secret here. You'll find more ice, more money, and more agendas when needed, and see more sansans and caprices. It's not super intuitive to draw this much, and I think that's whats missing.

3 Jul 2014 cranked

Is Inazuma really necessary in this deck? It doesn't look like you have a ton of really dangerous ice to stick Inazuma in front of. Still a really cool-looking deck though, I'll probably give it a shot at some point.

3 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

The point of in inazuma is the "can't break subroutines " subroutine. Essentially you're adding code gate and 5 strength to any ice that has etc, as a gear check against decoders. Inazuma into himitsu now requires corroder and a boostable decoder or yog and two suckers to get through.

3 Jul 2014 cranked

@x3r0h0ur Makes sense. I guess I play too much PE, as I always think of Inazuma as a way to set up my net damage ice, rather than just an added layer of protection.