No Siphon Anarch

Dominik 1

Yes, Account Siphon is an amazing card and virtually every winning runner deck has it and because of that, everyone expects siphon at all times. Criminal, except to be siphoned. Shaper, except to be siphoned. Most of the time. Anarch... well top players say siphon is a disguised anarch card... and I am not saying they are wrong. Siphon is an excellent card in anarch and everyone excpets it with good reason. However, starting the creation of every runner deck by adding 3 siphons is rather boring, so I created this deck.

Let's talk about the way I spend influence first:

e3 Feedback Implants are by far the best breaker for bioroids. They don't cost MU and break every bioroid for 1-2 clicks and very little credits. Eli for a click and a credit is far easier to stomach than Eli for 2 clicks or 4 credits. It is also an enabler for Knight and Darwin letting them break Ice they usually don't (which doesn't mean you should go around and try to break them casually).

Clone Chip: I know... one ofs are bad for consistency. Thing is, clone chip is nice to have in this deck, but not necessary. It can serve a variety of roles... It protects against weyland hardware destruction shennanigans reasonably and you can always threaten a surprise breaker out of the archive with it.

Self-modifying Code: Tutoring... I think in the current environment nothing is as important as a runner as finding solutions and angles of attack quickly and self modifying code does just that.

Let's talk about breakers next: Corroder and Mimic are there because wraparound and jinteki are a thing. Mimic will quickly let you run most jinteki servers without fear or any support. Darwin can quickly threaten gear check ice and often will at one point or another induce a virus wipe (especially if you hide some your other breakers...). Overmind is your expensive get out of jail card... Mimic and Overmind mean, you cannot be locked out and you can be aggressive early on. Knight: I do think Knight needs no explanation ;-) Best barrier breaker in the game and does break other stuff on top of it.

Parasite is our last breaker... 3 times without recursion you get to kill nasty (i.e. needlessly expensive... I am looking at you komainu) ICE.

Angles of Attack: We have several angles in this deck: Scrubber: 2 Scrubbers is like having whizzards ID ability and even one is not that bad. With asset economy being a thing and Jackson Howard being in most decks, these are almost never a bad thing to have.

Hemorrhage: The beauty of it is not its ability, the beauty is, that any run will load it up. It is a true multi vector threat, especially with scrubber it means you can go and clear those remotes and even get some milling out of it. Keyhole is our R&D threat of choice. I chose this over Medium because of two reasons: Low agenda density dekcs are becoming more and more common so trying to win of R&D is getting more difficult and keyhole is better at sniping nasty stuff. Nerve Agent is in there because it combos nicely with Hemorrhage.

As for economy... I am not totally happy with it yet. Kati Jones is of course a beast and is what keeps us afloat in the mid to late game but the beginning is sometimes slow, especially if you don't draw into your parasites quickly enough to enable early runs. That is usually solved by Djinn. John Masanori is there to give us some draw.

So... how do you play this? Well... it depends ;-) Basically you threaten on multiple servers and exploit where the corp is weakest, trying to accumulate more money than the corp and preventing scoring windows to appear. Don't try, just because a keyhole is on the table to force your way into R&D, if R&D is becoming expensive, djinn that nerve agent or a Hemorrhage and go wreak havoc somewhere else. As for a starting hand... We are looking for Parasite or Overmind some economy and an angle of attack. Which one is not hugely important, though some are of course better than others depending on your matchup. Nerve Agent is usually the weakest, because everyone defends HQ anyway ;-) Often Scrubber is pretty decent against FA or glaciers as especially in the beginning they usually defend their assets over the trash costs. Against other corps keyhole is usually the best bet.

So... thanks for reading this huge wall of text and I appreciates all feedback :-)