Armitage Codebusting is the faithful like Sure Gamble. What it does, is increase the efficiency of clicking for credits. Instead of clicking for 1, you click for 2. If you are not an Anarch, you should think of slotting Armitage. If you are Anarch, Liberated Account is better.

Let's compare it to other creds stable. Sure Gamble is burst econ, giving you 4 creds now. Daily Cast is clickless drip, giving 5 creds over 4 turns. Armitage Codebusting will give you 11 creds, after using 6 clicks.

Each have their place. If you look for efficiency, Daily Cast is better. The calculation goes like this. We assume 1 click = 1 credit. To make things normal, we'll assume you have the card in hand, discounting how you got it there and we'll discount the click to install, because all three would be the same.

Daily Cast will cost 1 click and give you a net of 5 creds after 4 turns. Sure Gamble will give you 4 creds. Armitage will give you a net of 5 creds after 6 clicks (11 creds minus 6 click).

The choice then is about what can you do with the creds. If you need to install only one thing or to make a small run (2 ices deep), Sure Gamble got you covered. If you need to build up with relatively cheap stuff (install with cards that cost 0 or 1), Daily Cast got you covered. But if you want to do some serious setup, you can spend your turn to empty Armitage, and 3 click the next turn, to have a big pile of credits to setup expensive cards.

Also, with Shaper, just putting it there allow you to not use Professional Contacts all the time and "click for 2 creds" when you need the extra for installs or runs.

Very useful. Since it's neutral, you will see it everwhere outside of Anarch. It is old, it is reliable, it serves well. Also, that cat is a beauty.


Now that Film Critic has been banned (since mid 2020), Ben Musashi is a bit better. But unless it is behind an heavily protected server, the runner should just trash Ben Musashi and come back. Behind an heavily protected server, Ben Musashi act like a trap, either the runner take the agenda and pay an additional 2 cards, or the runner does not take the agenda and does not pay 2 cards.

So, it cost the runner a one card more than Prisec, one less tag than Prisec and is only useful if it is protecting an agenda. Meaning, if you must choose between Prisec and Ben Musashi, Prisec is the obvious choice. Unless you want an additional suite of protective upgrade, and do not want to spend influence on Ash, then you should give Ben Musashi a look.

Ben Musashi is more certain than Marcus Batty, and does not care for a trace like Ash. But to protect agendas (or anything else), you might want to look at Embolus or Bio Vault before turning to Ben.

Ben Musashi fit well in Jinteki. But it is much more specialized. In grinder deck, it is excellent, because you can pair it with agenda that does not ambush. Pushing the grinding effect further, since the opportunity cost only would be only 2 cards for the runner, the runner most likely will pay for it. And at 2 influence, it is easy to splash it outside of Jinteki.

Not a great protective upgrade, but it has a place for certain strategy. But only after taking Prisec.

On a side note, Musashi is a mythical japanese swordman. A quote or flavor text would have been nice here, to go along with beautiful picture.


As of late 2020, Adjusted Matrix is useful almost exclusively with Deus X. Which allow you to make any ice behave basically like a Bioroid (click to break). Unless Sandburg or Helheim Server is used, this will allow you to break any ices at the cost of clicks. Against high strength ices, it is a bargain. All this at the cost of 8 credits (still expensive).

Otherwise, with any other breaker, it allow you to interact with any ice on the board. Houdini and Engolo are very good for this. With that, you can still use only one breaker to break anything. It won't help much against Glacier, but it will help in a pinch. And it doesn't take any MU.

With it's high cost of 5 credits, it won't see much use. But with a cost of 2 influences, it can be used in any factions.

Note the flavor text, it describe exactly what the card does, all with a pretty image. Good design.


Aimor is a very specialized trap. It's speciality is best used for grinder deck. Like Jinteki PE and Weyland Builder of Nation. It can work well also for damage deck.

Why is it good? Because it trash 3 cards from the stack, no questions asked. Unless the runner as Engolo or an AI (usually Aumakua), they cannot interact with Aimor, making it an auto trigger. Trashing 3 cards from the stack mean 2 things. First, the loss of probable important cards is real (losing that Stargate or Liberated Account can really screw a game plan). Second, that is 3 less potential hitpoints to get City Work Project or Obotaka Protocol. If the game run long, the corp will win because the runner cannot score anything anymore.

Is it the best trap? No. Sadaka or Mganga would be better traps. But in specialized deck, it can really shine. For best effect, pairing Aimor with Preemptive Action and/or Genotyping allow you to bring it back (and any other traps).

Outside of grinder decks, you'll be better off with regular ices or other traps. One thing to add, what do they mean my Aimor? I seems to mean love in latin, but I do not see the link with the effect of the card or the flavor of the text.


What not to like here. Do you use Imp? Then you should use Friday Chip. Do you use viruses and are you either Freedom or Edward Kim? Then you should use Friday Chip. Are you using Aumakua and Miss Bones in the same deck? Then you should use Friday Chip.

And at 2 influence, it can easily be splashed wherever. If you ever plan to use viruses, and if you think you cannot leave asset alone, then Friday Chip is good for you.

Think about it. Cost only 2 cred. Hardware mean no MU and immune to trash by tag. Clicklessly transfers a virus token to a program.

This card pair naturally with Imp. But is also very good with Gravedigger and Acacia (well, any viruses card is good with Acacia).

Even the flavor is amazing. It feels right for everything that card does. Great art too.