One of the most hated asset from NBN. 4 to trash is no joke. And taking an installed card from the runner's board it a major tempo loss. Even worse if it is an "investment card", like Study Guide, The Turning Wheel, Trope or The Back.

Usually, the returned card will be a breaker. The most expensive one, of course. Returning Engolo in the grip will cost the runner one click and 5 creds. And this can be done if the agenda is scored OR stolen. Try running again after losing your main breaker.

Unless the runner play Sunny. In which case, this is a bad matchup, because it will probably cost the corp more than what it will cost for the runner.

Amani Senai is so good that it must be trashed at all cost for the runner. Otherwise, the tempo loss could cost the game for the runner.

Fortunately for runners, at 4 influences, it will not be seen outside NBN. But in NBN, it should be expected, especially NBN Controlling the Message. Because, even if the runner doesn't trash it, they will lose creds (from the trace) everytime an agenda is scored or stolen.

It is so good, that any NBN should ask themselves why NOT use it.


Trap ice are special. Sadaka is better than most because it has a strenght of 3, making it less likely to be affected by Aumakua (the most popular AI). Sadaka is also the only trap that require the corp to sacrifice a card in order to get its effect, on top of having a rez cost of 2.

Before the ban list, when Film Critic was widely played, Sadaka had a superb value. Allowing you to trash Film Critic. Now that Film Critic is banned, there are less amazing ressources to trash, but still worth it. Trashing Hunting Ground, The Turning Wheel or Professionnal Contacts is a major loss for the runner. If you are lucky, trashing a fully unspent Liberated Account will cost a lot for the runner.

Sadaka is also pretty good for R&D protection, by allowing you to rearrange the top 3 and maybe put a Snare! on top. You'll also be able to draw a card, which will give you some tempo.

So, it has its place, and like all trap ice, it serves as a deterrent for runner, because the runner doesn't know the ice until they encounter it. It is a well design card.

One thing to make it better : give it some flavor text. Right now, the only thing I found was that Sadaka, in japanese, mean sure/definite. Some flavor would be welcome here.


This is Nisei MK II in upgrade form. It is right there with Border Control in server denial. In Glacier, it is powerful, making the runner go through ice just to get an end the run as they pass the last ice. But it get even better. You can give an end the run for ANY server on the board. All for the cost of 2 advancements.

Bio Vault pair very well with La Costa Grid, so that it get its tokens for free. It is much more versatile (and cheaper) than Border Control, but will cost more tempo (1 click to install, 2 clicks to advance). And for one influence less, it can be splashed anywhere.

In fact, Bio Vault is so good that it is a trash on sight for runners. Any runner who see an unrezzed upgrade with two advances, knows it will take much more effort to get in that server.


This is such a big asset for Shaper. With this, any breaker become amazing. Even bad breaker become ok. Note that you can use only one on the board, so only one breaker will benefit from it.

It pairs especially well with Engolo. Letting you make run on anything much cheaper. With it, Engolo will sometime be better to use than the proper breaker, depending on ice placement. For example : you encounter a Code Gate and push Engolo to strenght 6. Next ice is a strong Barrier (strenght 6, 1 subs), it would cost you 3 cred to break with Engolo and 5 creds to break with Paperclip.

But, that is not all. If you find yourself against a corp that use a type a ice more than the rest (for exemple, the corp mainly use Sentries). Then, by putting Gebrselassie on the sentry breaker, you can then pass ices for much cheaper, after paying the initial boost. Even better if you use card like Injection Attack, Pushing the Envelope or Lean and Mean.

Sadly, at 4 influence, this will not be splashed outside of Shaper. But for Shaper, it will runs cheaper for any corp archetype. In a Glacier, the one run you do will cost less, even against 4 ice deep server. In an asset spam corp, you'll be able to run multiple remote for cheaper.

And making runs cheaper is the same as having extra econ cards. A great card, for the very low cost of 1 cred. A real bargain.


Mlinzi is a phenomenal sentry. It will not kill the runner, in most cases, but facecheking it will give the runner a big hit. Usually, the runner will choose to burn cards from the stack and take one net damage. For a total loss of 1 card in hand and 7 cards in the deck. 7 cards, in a 45 cards standard deck, mean 15% of the runner deck. That is a lot of combo cards loss. While it does not affect the tempo, it will affect the econ of the runner.

Worse, if your corp is grinding the runner, like Jinteki Personal Evolution, the runner will soon find themselves out of cards to interact with agendas.

And, at 7 creds to rez, it is 1 cred cheaper than the other big sentry : Anansi.

So, how does it compare to Anansi? It compares well, but is Mlinzi is a bit more specialized. Mlinzi is good if you want good strenght to rez ration, because you are aiming to tax the cred of the runner for the least amount of creds spent. Mlinzi is also good if you have a grinding plan for your corp (Jinteki PE, Weyland Builder of Nation, Obotaka Protocol, ambushes assets and agendas, etc.)

But in general Anansi will be better, because at the end game, a runner can just lose their stack and pass Mlinzi for free. Boomerang will make Mlinzi trivial to pass (only one net damage). Any bypass will work. With Anansi, Boomerang is useless and bypass cost 3 net damage.

So, Mlinzi is more specialized, but cost 1 influence less and 1 cred less. Fair trade for a more specialized ice. Mlinzi should be played more often, it has a place in many achetypes and a good fit for Jinteki.