With the NISEI standard ban of all corp cards with the "current" subtype, we've finally gotten the blank 45/15 ID that NBN has always needed. As everyone knows, this card was very problematic in the meta, and I'm sure we're all glad to see it go.

I'd like to thank NISEI for printing Lat, for one very specific reason: I play netrunner to trans genders, and i use Rebirth to do it. The problem with this is that Rebirth is best when your first identity is better in the early game (and has good influence/deck size) and your second identity is good in the late game (very powerful ability). There just... aren't that many identities that fit this combo in most factions, unfortunately.

Now you may say, "But June. Anarch has a bunch of great options for rebirth; (turning MaxX or Valencia Estevez into a different identity can save your game. And a late game Omar can really turn the tables, especially with the popular apocalypse splash in anarch (while also saving you from his inf requirement)! And meanwhile in Criminal... (well actually i haven't tested rebirth in criminal so idk, please share your thoughts. I'd love to rebirth a girl into Az because like, trans mood, but his ability is so early game heavy) But yeah June there's PLENTY of rebirth targets!"

The problem is this question: who on EARTH would fantasize about turning into fucking OMAR? This doesn't let me make jokes about how i wish HRT was as easy as playing rebirth in real life! Absolutely unplayable to me.

No, if we really want to play decks that turn dumb boys into cute girls, we have to turn to our friends in green. The shapers. Not only do you have multiple powerful but bad-influence-limit identities like Akiko Nisei and more importantly Rielle "Kit" Peddler, you can even switch them out for a rare Jesminder Sareen if you desperately need to avoid tags. All of them are wife material for this lesbian, and thus perfect to play rebirth for; exactly the sort of girl i'd want to become if i suddenly got tf'd into a cool cyberpunk girl. Now all we need is an unsuspecting boy to suddenly have their genders transed. Unfortunately, all the shitty boys in Shaper have rotated out; Ultimate Rebirth Target The Professor is gone, kings of weird Jank Nasir and Exile are gone.

Thus, we are left with only one option for "boys who should get shoved into maid outfits": our dear friend Lat.

The other review focuses on the never-advance potential of a 4/3 agenda. I've been looking at Vulnerabilty Audit from a different point of view, though: from the point of view of a deck that scores it "normally" (IA, AAA score).

5/3 agendas are typically only played if they can protect themselves somehow. We have a few forms of protection:

Self-protecting 5/3s are played all over the place nowadays, because some of them are really good; however, agendas that protect themselves in the centrals are often played in kill decks (which aren't looking to score), and agendas that protect themselves while installed are often played in glacier decks (which have well-protected centrals and where the Runner might be looking to make a few pinpoint runs to raid your scoring remote).

Vulnerability Audit is not, of course, a self-protecting 5/3; it doesn't have any text that protects itself, and it isn't a 5/3. However, in practice, it plays a lot like a City Works Project. The reason is that when you install it and advance it, unlike a 5/3, you have an extra click (and less importantly, an extra credit) left over, and you can use that click to, e.g. play an operation. In other words, the agenda doesn't protect itself when installed; but it buys time for you to protect it when it's installed, by taking one click less to advance into scoring range.

For example, a good combo is with NAPD Cordon. A Bellona costs 5 to steal, and is generally considered to be one of the better agendas at protecting itself. If you install and advance a Vulnerability Audit, and play NAPD Cordon, your freshly installed agenda is now going to cost 6 to steal, and as a bonus any agendas the Runner may access in your central servers will cost 4 to steal. Bellona is a good card; but if you are running NAPD Cordon (and can protect HQ to stop the runner trashing it), Vulnerability Audit compares favourably.

Similar considerations apply to other lockdown cards, e.g. combining Vulnerability Audit with Argus Crackdown gives you most of a City Works Project, while Hyoubu Precog Manifold gives you a Future Perfect that works while installed rather than while uninstalled.

Vulnerability Audit has more flexibility than that, though. Say you're playing a hybrid rush/glacier deck (which I suspect is the best place to play this agenda), and get a Vulnerability Audit in your opening hand, together with a Vanilla or similarly cheap piece of gearcheck ICE. If it had been a 5/3, you would have had to leave it in your hand, and either ICE HQ in order to prevent it being stolen (slowing down your gameplan), or else ICE a remote and hope it doesn't get stolen before you can score it, or else ICE a remote and park it unadvanced in the remote and hope the Runner doesn't find a way in in the next two turns and you don't draw a second agenda before then. With a 4/3, you can simply install, ICE it, advance, and be in position to score it next turn. 5/3s are normally unplayable in rush decks, but 4/3s can hold their own; that one extra click you get means that you aren't losing tempo.

Or, perhaps, say you're playing the same deck, but draw your 4/3 a little later in the game; you now have plenty of ICE protecting your scoring server, but can't afford to rez it. A spare click to play an economy operation can make all the difference between having to leave it vulnerable in HQ, or having to give the Runner two turns to steal it from the remote (or one but with insufficient ICE).

This card does have one huge downside, though: it does absolutely nothing to protect itself when it's sitting uninstalled in a central server, so you're running the risk of having 3 points stolen with no compensation. In my experience, if your deck is fast enough, this doesn't matter that much; the Runner will get a few agenda snipes but you will still win first. It does somewhat narrow the decks that you can put your Vulnerability Audit in, though.

(It also costs a dot of influence, but that's minor by comparison, and expected among neutral agendas like Global Food Initiative or Vanity Project that reduce your agenda density. This is a three-point agenda, after all, and thus the mere act of putting it in your deck will open up deck slots. Being able to pack in additional in-faction and neutral cards is often a good trade-off for being able to run fewer out-of-faction cards.)

In conclusion, Vulnerability Audit is an agenda for "fast glacier decks" or glacier/rush hybrid decks, that aim to score out before the Runner can consistently break their ICE, and run lockdowns and similar cards in order to protect their 4/x agendas and open scoring windows through the midgame. It doesn't directly protect itself, but it does buy you the time needed to protect it some other way via saving time advancing it. Just be aware that it will weaken your central servers considerably, and you will need either the ICE to keep the Runner out of them, or else the speed to score out despite having your agendas sniped, in order to make that drawback manageable.

We live in a new era for the consortium. All of the previous still holds of course, Beanstalk Royalties becomes Hedge Fund, Hedge Fund becomes IPO, and IPO becomes a financially obscene 6 credits for one click. That's the entire plot of Armagedd- I mean the Roughneck Repair Squad in one go.

Blue Level Clearance remains useful in a deck heavy on transactions that empty your hand of cards. Now of course we have also Red Level Clearance to help out, which is like if Process Automation and Build Script had a baby and that baby was raised by Lateral Growth.

Winchester exists now to help keep HQ a little safer and your money from being stolen by Diversion of Funds although of course that only works so well tbh. SDS Drone Deployment is just good and the trashing helps protect your economic lead. Keep in mind that to maintain a healthy income you will probably require a Preemptive Action to keep more economy cards in your deck or to help out a little should Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor show his face. Of course that doesn't exactly jive well with Blockchain since you're taking cards out of Archives and reducing its possible subs just to stay in the money but then if you were looking for a deck that made sense you probably wouldn't be reading this now would you?

Does nothing on it's own, and is even pretty inefficient at doing that.

Obviously intended to be used with Yusuf and Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist as they let you actually use these counters. If you do, the payoff isn't actually that bad, as it could bring the virus counter cost of running HQ or R&D repeatedly pretty low.

However, at present, there's not really much that lets you capitalise on that, as there's not much multiaccess that rewards repeatedly running the same server with Medium and Keyhole rotated. As such, you probably don't really want to be running a high value server more than once a turn, or even every turn most of the time, making Virus Breeding Ground quite possibly a better option, saving you MU to install other cards, helping mitigate the downside of being purged, and letting you accumulate virus counters without needing to spend them on running a specific server.

Oh, and it's comparison to Security Testing, though not totally fair, is pretty atrocious.

<p>I didn't even remember that this was a card that actually existed!</p> —