Goodbye you garbage card. I'm sure people will still shoehorn this into decks at +3 influence but I'll be happy when you rotate.

Sifr, you were close to a deathblow to the game I love. No one will mourn you. Goodbye forever.

For those unknowing: new MWL just struck. This card now costs not one, but three additional pips a copy, regardless of a faction. —
I like the concept of the card but it should've been a watered down effect - maybe once a turn reduce the strength of an ICE by 2 or 3 as opposed to straight up zeroing it. —
Yup, I quit at the time of this data pack's release - there were other problems obviously, but Sifr was the last straw. I'm back because I saw that they were actually growing a pair and fixing the game now. —