Chiseling R&D every Friday

Krams 939

I wanted to revisit good old Kim, because I always liked him.

Surprisingly, this deck was very successful in testing.

The "strategy" is plain and simple: Rip R&D open and thrash it. Done. Not many tricks in this deck, but it doesn't really need them.

Some of the more rarely seen cards like Chisel, Möbius and Demolisher work surprisingly well.

Let us all be thankful that Medium is rotated. The card was mad.

3 Nov 2020 Pokerface

Hi, this certainly looks lean and mean. Quick question, why no Devil Charm? Wouldn't it be better than Career Fairs?

4 Nov 2020 Krams

Devil Charm doesn't really do anything except being a 1-shot ICE-trashing combo piece together with Chisel. But I only have 2 Chisels and no way to recur them, so I don't want to wait for a combo piece.

Chisel often goes on low strength ICE such as Endless EULA, where it doesn't need Devil Charm to wreck havoc. So Chisel can do without Charm, but not the other way round, because Charm without Chisel is merely a discount on breaking the rare 7+ strength powerhouse.

I tried Ice Carver to lower ICE strength, but that also didn't work well. Yes, it does support the conspiracy breakers against some ICE, saving a bit of money. And yes, it's a great target for Career Fair, but the thing is:

If any ICE is big enough that I need strength reduction, I'm going to make sure I only need to break it once!