What I am NOT Playing for Continentals 2021

CritHitd20 4207

I spent several months prepping this thing, and then Patrick added the AAL/Crisium package to PD over the faster Skunkvoid setup, so this deck's win condition no longer worked. I ended up pivoting to something else for Continentals that I made the night decklists were due in my traditional fashion.

There are a few lean packages in here bolstered by the early-game consistency provided by the Wu-SMC interaction. Do not SMC for Rezeki early game, just use your burst econ/draw and naturally draw into them. The new Gateway shaper package to help keep things cheap until you have your various rig combos set up.

Combo #1: Aesops+DZMZ+Talut. It doesn't look like you have enough sells to justify Aesops, but DZMZ is a hell of a card. Every turn, you can sell MKUltra for 3, reinstall for 0, and then have it be buffed so you can break Ansel for 3c and a click, or Anansi for 6c, or w/e. Installing Clip for a net of -1c can also be useful to break Bran for 3c/Data Ward for 5c/IP for 1c etc. Sine the goal is to net a bunch with Rezeki and remote lock, getting paid to run and install buffed breakers is great. You also get a few turns of 4str Euler using your Simulchips vs PD which is obv great.

Combo #2: CBI Raid+Khusyuk. CBI Raid is a very cute card that is extremely effective at shutting down Anoetic Void, With Khusyuk you can combine the two to "access" all of HQ and then shuffle it away. This is great vs PD both for hitting Void and removing Seamless temporarily, vs Sportsmetal just getting to prevent a turn of Audacity FA with CBI Raid alone did a lot for finding Simulchips/ticking down Vacheron to win a game.

Combo #3: Wu+Overclock/Spec Work. Wu always has targets for Spec Work, which translates to "around 2 Build Scripts". Since this also means you can get a MK in the bin t1 super reliably, it makes it really hard for Sports to rush behind Drafters. As Wu you also always have SMC on hand to use with Overclock to combat rush; if they rez get the breaker, if they don't get Rezeki.

Why no Aniccam? Because I built the deck incorrectly. Cut 2 VRcations for 2 Aniccams I think. Can probably cut the third VR and the Misdirection for 2 Dirty Laundries as well based on some super rough testing I did this week.

Overall the deck was really good a month ago. This shell is also ok for Apoc, but I feel like the format is so teched against that plan that Tao has once again become a superior ID for that deck. I should have played in APAC. Good luck to everyone playing American Continentals tomorrow!

28 Aug 2021 JHM89714

I had been toying around with the idea of CBI Raid/Khusyuk for quite some time, but I didn't dare to put it into practice. Now that I see you tried it, I'm going to continue with this idea!

30 Aug 2021 Teemo

Pardon my ignorance, but problem does AAL / Crisium add to PD, that trips this up, that's fundamentally different from skunkworks?

30 Aug 2021 CritHitd20

The CBI+Khusyuk combo is expensive, so if one of the runs is disrupted by Crisium then you wasted a lot of credits. AAL makes things worse by allowing corp to threaten installs of Crisium on R&D after a successful CBI. It is a lot to play around and I did not find much success in it once the Crisium package got added.

30 Aug 2021 Davidmc7

I feel like I am putting my foot in my mouth here, but wouldn't CBI put an in-hand Crisium back on R&D, nullifying the AAL effect?

30 Aug 2021 CritHitd20

It's convoluted but you can pull it off with AAL plus Spin. Or if you stop one of the runs with Border Control you can follow up. I encourage you to try the deck out if you think I am wrong but it did not perform for me.

30 Aug 2021 Davidmc7

Oh no, I don't think you're wrong at all. Just trying to learn/understand new startegies and avoid this being done to me. Thanks :)