Nobody Expects The Breached Domes

Bokonon 13

This was the deck I played at the UK Nationals last weekend. I had originally planned on playing CTM, but decided that CV was potentially too much of a threat to a deck which sometimes needs you to keep a few cards in hand. (Clearly - the top 4 were on CTM and I was wrong) So I panic changed to Argus, which was actually the deck I put together for the PoS tournament on Friday, which turned out to be really quite good at flatlining runners, and it was possible to score out from it as well - so I played this.

Probably my biggest highlight of the day was playing Terje and being called a monster when he ran archives to put a counter on his turtle only to find three breached domes in there. He didn't do that again.

I didn't do brilliantly overall, but I had a great time and most of my wins were with my corp deck - so I at least made a half decent decision in playing this.