Barcelona Regional 2016 - The Scholar Project

Mailman 7

This is my first deck in Netrunner DB. Tournement is TOMORROW, saturday 05/21/2016.

After the tournement, I'll post a mini report here.

Based on The Creative Principle by @tyedyedvortex, , I wanted to add an Oracle May to boost the credit per click of the Professional Contacts at lasts click draws.

Traded 1 Inti and 1 ZU.13 Key Master for 1 Corroder and 1 Gordian Blade.

Traded Daily Casts for Data Folding because you never start turns with full memory.

Most of 3x cards lowered to 2x, to add more diversity, 1 Levy AR Lab Access, 1 Councilman, 3 Same Old Thing and 1 Political Operative

Enjoy, and happy running.

20 May 2016

How did you go in the tournement?

20 May 2016 Mailman

The tournement is tomorrow :)

21 May 2016

I know. Thought you would see the post after the tournement. :-) How did you go?

22 May 2016 Mailman

Not very well... Won 1 of 4 with this deck. Lost to HB Core with Jeeves, shipment from Sansan and Efficiency Committee. Wont to Titan Transnational with tons of credits, but no scorchs. Lost to NEH Butcher by Marc Vall├ęs, who was UK Nationals #3 last year (i was there too), and was the only spanyard at Worlds. Lost to NEH FA. My corp won everything and ended 10th of 30. Corp deck: