Quetzal Through The Keyhole

BTrain 2956

Run like the wind.

There's nothing terribly new or exciting here, but this is a solid deck that should give you some decent mileage. I've included Keyhole over Medium here, because with Quetzal you're looking to run once a turn. Kati Jones plays into that idea as well, as does Lucky Find, which is a higher barrier-of-entry Stimhack without the brain damage.

Your recursion feel right at these numbers: 2x Deja Vu and 2x Retrieval Run will get where you need to be, and RR has good synergy with Hades Shard. You can look at dropping a third e3 for a one-off Clone Chip if you want, but I've always favored consistency, and this build is more about the slow typical Anarch pressure than it is about speed.

24 Oct 2014 moistloaf

As someone who has played Quetzal a lot, I find 3x e3 to be overkill. I only run 2, and for every game I install it, there are 3 games when I don't. You may also be underestimating Quetzal as a "one-run turn" kind of gal. I find that she can often run amok for entire turns at a time. Then again, I run a denial build with Siphon, Vamp, and Rook. Even so, consider experimenting with less e3, and maybe less Keyhole, too. Although I suppose program redundancy feeds your Injects.