Ancestral Synergy v 0.75

Dydra 2773

This is a little different approach on my previous deck, that takes out the account siphon out. Last couple of games ( for example 3 yday) I had 0 opportunity to play AS, so I started thinking about different ways to spin the deck.

I definitely like Keyhole. I decided to take out the Data suckers and put 2x Ice Carvers In, for the sake of being a little more flexible on non-caissa MU.

The pressure on HQ will be in the form of legwork+ nerve Agent.

The biggest change in the deck is that I brought Aesop in. The idea is for him to sell all your "dried up" programs like D4v1d or Overmind. Or some Bishop for a small surge of cash.

At first the split was 3x Aesop and 3x E3, but since so far I'm able to win games with this deck without E3s installed and I'm a little scarred about Injection trashing the wrong pieces at the right time ... I put 2x Clone Chip in :)

Also the Sure gamble might switch to Armitages depending which I find is a better suited style of econ for the deck :)

Looking forward to the 1.0 version once I get some play time with "Up and Over" cards :)

22 Oct 2014 x3r0h0ur

I actually sleeved the last version up for game night, with some very minor changes (namely medium instead of keyhole due to the limited number of overmind and knight counters, no hades shard, and inject) and I removed d4v1d and some other things. I like that it was sort of a take off of anatomy of anarchy with siphon. I do think that more money and the deck doesn't need siphon.

At the end of the night I ended up thinking up some changes, and I might consider keyhole. Thus far I think it's a great deck, love bishop and scrubbed with overmind, breaking for just counters and e3 is nuts.

One change I'm anxious to try is when Cu.j0 h3 comes out, since barriers are well handled already, most code gates can just be parasite'ed or broken (they're not all that common anyway), and sentries could then add further synergy with E3.

I agree clone chip feels right, but I'm not ready to give up siphon yet. I broke out siphons into 3 lucky find to improve econ, but it felt about the same as siphon economy wise, without the denial. I do agree also with NerveAgent, since HQ multiaccess is important!

Anyway good deck, I'll be following for version 1.0

23 Oct 2014 Dydra

Thank you for your input from testing.

Honestly, you can say that the original version has "take on anatomy of anarch" , but the truth is I've been playing that anarch archetype from before Steven made it a thing. This is the first deck I published April 5th :)

The reason I want to stray away from the account siphon is the following.

You don't run 3 of them, because you want at least 2x E3. If you play only 2 of them, there might be drawing issue, although this haven't been tried out with 3x Inject in the deck. The deck without Kati Jones lacks a few credits to be a really competitive. If you have Kati Jones that means you have to clean up the tags from your Account Siphon always.

So that makes it really tricky to navigate sometimes. You would draw AS mid-game or later you would have all those money from Kati and ... The corp would most likely be sitting on 10-15+ credits.

As for Medium, there is a reason I don't like it in this deck and I play Keyhole. First if you play medium + as ... you might just play as 3x DLR as well. Second, there is no reason why you would play Quetzal: Free Spirit over Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire if you run that many viruses :)

Keyhole synergizes especially well with Quetzal's ability, because breaking ETR barriers would allow you to play incredibly aggressive and land a few keyholes before the corp can put a stop on you.

Also, no need for Hades Shard if you don't play any milling :)

P.s. One thing I'm wondering about and I would need to test out is Djinn in this deck. Being able to host your Keyhole and Data Suckers ( if you play them) and your D4v1d on it ... seems quite good.

Also, yes, when Cuj0 comes out, I'll definitely have a copy of him in the deck (especially if retains the Aesop version) ;)

27 Oct 2014 x3r0h0ur

So in further testing I do think parasite is oddly least useful, but uncuttable. I also cut siphon and datasucker, opting for lucky find and legwork, pulling off big multiaccesses to help cut down NEH. I feel weak against RP, which is why I can't cut parasite, but the HB matchup is very favorable too.

I have decided to replace the 2 of deja vu that I was running for 2 retrieval run, to help cheat out overminds (only 1 credit savings, but a savings none-the-less), and it works with inject. I too often found inject would hit my overminds and knights, so RR seems like a great add. I don't think I'd use deja to get parasite often enough to use it, and I run 3 Same old thing to synergize with Lucky find, as well as RR, and Legwork.

Heres what the list looks like:

Quetzal: Free Spirit (First Contact)

Event (14)

Hardware (8)

Resource (7)

Icebreaker (6)

Program (10)

What do you think?

27 Oct 2014 Dydra

Hmmm .... Sadly the data-pack still hasn't hit our shelves here in Sofia and lately I have the opportunity to play only on Tuesdays. I'm hoping that it will be there tomorrow, if not, I'll have to proxy or something.

I made a few games, with the AS version, but with 2x Pawn iinsted of 2x Bishop. It was horrible, because for 3 games, those pawns were just left in my hand. However, maybe with inject it would make more sense?

I don't know how I feel about the Lucky Find through Same Old Thing .... feels lackluster to me. What is it? 3 clicks for 9-3 = 6 NET credits .... Why do you refrain yourself from Aesop's Pawnshop ? His point is that he will often net you 3c without a click.

I have no testing against RP, because I'm the only person who plays RP atm in our meta, but I play non-stop against NBN NEH or NBN Trace + Assets deck and yeah ... both of them have Assets like RP .... it can be really tricky, but NBN assets actually cost more to trash and I'm still able to shut them down by just Kati-ing up and then going on a trash run 1 turn, unless they draw into 2-3 Jacksons . How does the RP match go for 'ya?

Also maybe we should just leave the Datasucker in, so we can destroy 4-5 STR ICE asap with Parasite ( looking at Tollbooth ) ... and just ICE in general .... this is a heavy ICE destruction deck

Oh yeah, tried Kraken one game and it landed on his Snoop ... was pretty cool :) might test i out more

I really dig the Retrieval Run though. Makes so much sense with Inject and Same Old Thing in the deck.

In my opinion, the deck can be explored in a few directions. One of them is Djinn being able to take a load off the DS, Keyhole and D4v1D MU suckage. The other is maybe some weird Origami and Ekomind engine (or just Ekomind and card draw in general).

The other is to develp Ice Destruction even more ( if that's possible), via some cards like Kraken , because I'm sure you've realized how many ICE this deck trashes :)

27 Oct 2014 x3r0h0ur

Pawn is a bit of a waste I think in this deck, I only use bishop as a surge for parasite, or to reduce the strength of ice to break with overmind. not having to pay to boost has been awesome.

Lucky find from SoT is really a desperation thing, not something you do often. SoT really works with Legwork and even Inject in a pinch (for when you REALLY can't find deep red or E3.

I can see kraken, especially as a 1 of in this deck with 3 SoT, working with keyhole. Maybe to lighten the RP pain I could focus more on ice destruction.

On that note, I've been playing it less as an ice destruction deck and more of an 'out classing ice' type deck. With scrubbed and bishop reducing ice to hardly any strength, and parasite contributing some as well, then you spend 1 cr per subroutine thanks to e3...its super cheap to get in. Between kati and lucky finds, you're in very good shape money wise and can run anywhere.

As for aesops, I don't find money to be an issue with my influence spread, and all the pieces I install, I want to keep. I put in 1 clone chip, but it was a change from 1 scavenge, which helps restock d4v1d and overmind, and can be done via SoT....even more synergy :)

27 Oct 2014 Dydra

Yes, I actually wanted to have a Scavange in the deck, but after the first version went with 2x Account Siphone and 2x E3 , had no influence to spend :)

Otherwise, yes, the deck's idea isn't to completely destroy all of your ice ( although a few kills early on and then when you Keyhole and u know what to hit ... ) and yes the idea is to exactly lower the fuck out of his ICE's str so u break for silver coins his ice :)

I might sleeve up some Scavange version for tomorrow and see how it goes :)

28 Oct 2014 Dydra

Made 5 games today , went 0-5 against Foundary with Grails and Next Ice and against NBN NEH with Biotic, San-san ... standart shit

I'm immensly pissed off and fed-up at the deck atm.

I played some really messed up version with 1x Tinkering , 1x Scavange and 1x Clone chip ... to test .... I knew that the deck would suck, but it frustrated me so much ... especially against the NEH ... could hardly do anything

Also didn't hit Kati early in 4 out of 5 games and that seems to be mandatory for this deck.

Against the Foundary, the match up was good, just really made some mistakes while playing. :\

I'm thinking into upgrading my Nassir Space Rogue deck atm, rather than playing with this.

Maybe after 1-2 months when Ekomind comes out, I will give it a go with Ekomind, Origami and Duggar's

29 Oct 2014 x3r0h0ur

I'll be honest, I feel like if you're going down tinkering and clone chip, you're going the wrong way IMO. I'm running my above list with 2 retrieval run instead of 2 deja vu (yes no deja vu), and it is doing very well, lost 1 time to a PE kill deck.

I am actually considering cutting parasite for imp, so that my 2x legwork can let me get in and trash scorched/sea source and/or biotic labors in NEH, which might let me drop 2 plascretes. Between keyhole and imp, I could possibly control the corp's kill and tricks. I'm not sure yet what I'd add in the slot of 2 plascretes, but it is temping!

I recommend trying it out with 2 legwork and 2 lucky find as above, it really helps smooth out economy. Also I added a stimhack and it proved very useful at least once. I'm curious to see if 2 stimhack would be good.

31 Oct 2014 Dydra

Alright, I'll give it a go with your version. I just got so damn frustrated from my last 5 games I honestly wanted to quit Netrunner lol >_

31 Oct 2014 Dydra

Lol ... love when the code stops after u write a single symbol :D

Anyway, I was saying that it has been a while since I did 0-5 in 5 games ... Think I got my Nassir Cyber Rogue deck to a good point and on next Tuesday we will have a round of a tournament ( cuz we can't organize on the weekends so we will do 1 round each Tuesday during our regular meet up).

I wonder if I should bring the Nassir or your upgraded version with the Retrieval and 2x Legwork

31 Oct 2014 Dydra

Here is something I've been thinking about .... How about adding Paper Tripping instead of Clone Chip to deal with Midseason Replacements decks ?!