The Ekomind of Quetzal v2

shazzner 817

Trash all the things! Stimhack recursion! 20 Counters on Overmind plus E3!

At first glance it might not be apparent the goal of this deck, which is: Trash everything then access their Archives.

You'll want to mulligan for some sort of draw, but ideally you start with a duggars and some sort of economy. You can pressure early face checking after installing duggars. Next turn you want to duggar up, looking for Ekomind, a clone chip, Origamis, and some economy. Next turn install Ekomind, clone chip, Origami(s), and/or get some money.

Once you have that in place duggar up then clone chip out an Overmind for max counters. Usually in the 10+ but can go high as 20 if you have everything in place first.

Massive Overminds isn't the entire goal of this deck initially. If you can get an E3 out and they're only protecting R&D with an Eli, you should Keyhole as much as possible. Econ denial is very important, so get scrubbers and imps out and trash their assets. Did Blue Sun oversight out a Curtain Wall? Get a David out and smack that thing down!

Once you have a massive handsize, you can laugh at any traps they try to pull. Three counters on Cerebral Overwriter? Mercy me! My hand size is now only 11! Need to get in a remote? Stimhack all night long! Scorch isn't much an option when you're holding a ton of cards and can Imp it out of their hand.

A few considerations:

Econ might be an issue, if anyone tests this let me know how they feel. I think you'll want to keep your credits in the 5-6 range at a minimum so you can put down a liberated accounts and sure gamble. I'm testing out Queen's Gambit, but I feel Kati might make more sense.

Stacked R&Ds can become an issue, if your keyholing early on focus on ice first. You don't want them to Ice up anything. Especially don't let an Architect hit R&D...

I don't want to load this deck with too many programs, making Injects more of a hassle, but datasucker would fit right in.

Let me know what everyone thinks!

23 Oct 2014 Pinkwarrior

Why? I see no real down side to been tagged other than lack of plascrete. Also how do you arrive at 23 counters? i see 14 max hand size draw four 3 times with inject (On a good day i may add) gets you 23 so run and install Overmind with an already down clone chip gets you a max of 19 counters. Since Overmind takes up 1 and Origami takes up 3.

23 Oct 2014 Pinkwarrior

Duggar's gets you one more i guess and dosn't reqiure luck, but still not 23.

23 Oct 2014 shazzner

You're right tagging isn't the biggest threat, biggest threats come from Komainu and Psychic field.

As for the Overmind counters, I did my math a little wrong. Ideally if you have a clone chip out, an overmind in your heap, 3 origamis outs, a handsize of 14 at the start (5 + 9 from origami), and it's the start of your turn: you can duggar's then clone chip out an Overmind for 20 counters (14 + 10 - 4 (origami + overmind) = 20). I initially thought origamis took up zero memory!

23 Oct 2014 shazzner

Granted that's really a best case scenario for putting counters on Overmind, but you don't really want to do that. You want to get your Keyhole set up and trashing cards from R & D as much as possible. Quetzal and E3 help against Elis, parasites against small stuff, while economy denial through Scrubber on remotes and Imp on their hand.

11 Dec 2014 cranked

How would you feel about using Medium as a win condition card in this deck? It's 1 MU, stacks with itself, and isn't neutered by Jackson.

11 Dec 2014 cranked

Also, Levy doesn't work in an Ekomind deck. The second you go to zero cards from using Levy, your MU becomes zero, so playing Levy with Ekomind out will also wipe out your rig.

11 Dec 2014 shazzner

@cranked Hey! As you pointed out this deck has many problems, the Levy one being the most glaring, as such I abandoned it soon after testing. I'm likely to revisit it soon though once Incubator is released and move to more Medium digs as you smartly pointed out.