Time is Money

Him 271

This deck intends to abuse the ability of The Foundry: Refining the Process in building a glacier, while tutoring big taxing pieces of ICE rezzed by alternative means, spending clicks to gain tempo, while harboring a couple of annoying shenanigans. The whole deck has a thematic of clicks being paid or lost.

Set of ICE

The deck plays 18 pieces of ICE (6 triples, to optimize ID's ability), divided in two groups:

Rez Ice

BER, OAI, Toybox and Priority Requisition trigger Foundry's ability and allow you to rez pieces of ICE during your turn, even if the Runner does not run any server. From them on it is easy to create a glacier by setting the loop: install, rez, tutor, repeat. It is possible to rez a Janus and tutor another turn 1.

Why play Enhanced Login Protocol?

  • Either the Runner plays current events, and it is good to have them trashed
  • Either the Runner does not play current events, and it is good to have yours not be trashed.


The deck plays only 8 Agendas (thus many 5/3). Since you will fetch many pieces of ICE, agenda density in R&D will be slightly increased. A 10-to-13-agenda-build would make you highly vulnerable to Maker's Eye, Medium, Indexing.

  • Eden Fragment
    • great boost to build a glacier
    • This + a rezzed Toybox means you don't really need many credits in the game.
  • Hades Fragment :
    • good to recover trashed pieces of ICE (against parasites, broken conditions of OAI/BER, or the many cards you will trash due to an overflow of cards in HQ caused by ID's triggered ability) in order to have them tutored again
    • decreases agenda density in R&D (ID ability, Jackson and Fast Track make you Shuffle your deck).
  • Utopia Fragment
    • an install - advance - advance turn gives the installed agenda the ability of NAPD.
  • Priority Requisition triggers ID's ability
  • False Lead can be used to:
    • feed Archer
    • combo with Heinlein Grid during a run
    • secure the scoring of a 5/3 agenda (Install, Advance, Advance a 5/3, then forfeit false lead during the Runner's turn).

With 3 Agendas being 1-ofs, Fast Track helps get the one you need. Before the fragments were released, the deck used to include Project Wotan.

Jackson saves the day

Mandatory draw + ICE tutoring creates big hands. You will trash cards from HQ at end of turn more than once. Plus HQ can be flooded with agendas. Jackson is used to counter this drawback.

Economy cards

  • Hedge Fund for early game
  • Melange for mid-game
  • Peak Efficiency for late game. Provides a great boost of credits. I am considering a second one but card is terrible early game.

Once Toybox is rezzed you don't need much money indeed.

3-click assets

  • Toybox and Melange are used alternatively in the same remote server. The difficult task in mastering the deck is to decide which one to rez, when have one trashed, and then on which turn click 3 times to use it. Watch your hand size if you do so.

Heinlein Grid

With most pieces of ICE being bioroid it provides a way to punish the Runner. It is the reason why the deck runs Enigma.

A scored False Lead becomes a huge threat too.

Once the card is rezzed - and thus no longer a surprise - it still slows down the Runner, who is forced to break subroutines the hard way. Eli 1.0 now needs the runner to dig for a breaker.


Due to :

  • the conditional abilities of OAI and BER
  • The 5+ strength of half the pieces of ICE

the deck is vulnerable to D4v1D, E3 and - to a lesser extent - Knight.