Chaos Atmanolithichaunigami

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At - Man - O - Lith - i - Kan - i - Ga - Me.

So sorry for the obnoxious deck name, but this kind of revolves around Atman, Leprechaun, Origami, and Monolith.

I love the ideas presented by PeekaySK ( and voltorocks ( building a Chaos monolith deck. With the addition of Origami, I just had to give this a try.

The main idea remains the same: sacrifice a whole bunch of programs to FCC, get monolith out early, recur your deck with LALAs. I could see Chronos Protocol being an issue, but it's a slight risk with how fast this deck seems to be able to set up.

The Origamis are especially crucial, as they replace the plascretes from previous builds. Only two are necessary imho, but the third can just make your hand size that much more awesome or act as another sellable program.

I questioned myself on the lack of breaker presence (only five) other than the Atmans, but I figure with the diesel/quality time and using a LALA early in the game, you're bound to come across something that will allow you to put some pressure on the corp.

Ideal full rig is as follows: 3 Leprechaun hosting 1 Magnum Opus, 1 Sneakdoor Beta (or SMCs for those), 2 Origami, and whatever 2 breakers you choose (for the sake of example, let's pick Mimic and Gordian Blade). The 5 MU not used by Leprechauns are filled by 1x Datasucker, 1x Corroder, and 3x Atman (Knight can be splashed for extra pressure instead of 3rd Atman).

Obviously it's a massive rig, and takes awhile to set up. I have NO idea if this deck works, and I haven't actually tested it yet, but had to try it out with the Origamis.

I'm new to deckbuilding, so critique it as much as you want. Test it, tear it apart, replace cards, or tell me it just sucks way more than previous builds using this idea :)

Also, if the deck works, could someone PLEASE find a better name for it?

25 Oct 2014 PeekaySK


This looks reasonably solid, actually! The Origamis are definitely interesting, I'll have to play around with it a bit. Here's some initial impressions:

  • I'm not sure I'd go for 3x Leprechaun. Doesn't strike me as all that critical, and creating a Lepre-stack is nowhere near as efficient as creating a Djinn-stack is.
  • I'd spend my influence differently. Most notably, I wouldn't go for Sneakdoor (without any means of making those runs meaningful, like Nerve Agent or Emergency Shutdown), one Sucker isn't enough if you're planning to go full Atman, and the Knight just seems weird (and too slow for what you need here). Since you're packing Leprechauns, my first try would be Sneakdoor and Knight out, Morning Star and a second Sucker in. Morning Star just wrecks most barriers, and would be super-solid here since you can have an Atman at 10 for those pesky Curtain Walls :D
  • Similarly, I'd say "embrace the Atman" and lose the Gordians. I'd try to either use the slots for something meta (Deus X? Chakana?), or go with Cyber-Cyphers. Remember, most of the times Atman at 0 and 4 has you completely covered.

tl;dr: this definitely looks tweak- and test-worthy :)

25 Oct 2014 aero

Awesome. I kept Gordian in just because I'm afraid of Tollbooth, but realize Cyber Cypher is waay better. Kept the Sneakdoor from voltorocks' deck but didn't even think about putting anything in the deck to make it worthwhile. I always love me some Morning Star, and i guess without SB it would fit nicely. I'm pretty curious about 3x Leprechaun, just to be able to build fully with all of the available MU and not have to trash anything. It is pretty conditional, though. Thanks a ton for the insight, it definitely makes this deck better. This week will be all about testing :)

25 Oct 2014 voltorocks

I've dropped sneakdoor from my current iteration; it's fun, but you definite;y need to pair it with nerve agent, and I've got better places to spend influence. I like the idea of forcusing more on Atman; I'm just a wuss...

I think the leprechauns are a mistake; I run just one for late game. The problem is that even with 8 mem, origami's eat up too much! (not to mention the influence cost). if you're tired of seeing plascretes when you don't need them, try going down to one; since you can easily empty the deck, you'll still be able to find it if you need it.