Whats a Plascrete? 2.0

Pinkwarrior 2294

2.0 only some slight changes as the deck seems to be performing well lost and ice wall for a 3rd hive. Dropped lotus for chum see how it does the main reason for lotus was that you can't parasite it down but then you can say that about most of the deck thanks to the ID and i've always liked chum.

  1. Blue Sun with a surprise kill Condition, Geothermal's allow me to get some nice cash flow when i have mills and if i don't see i can just opt to not use it.

    Using OtG in place of where i see Ash would fit partially as it saves influence but also it means i only need to worry about HQ & R&D (maybe Archive too) stick it down your agenda and advance next turn return it and advance the agenda. also am running all 2 pointers as i don't like 3 pointers so OtG works fine for this setup.