Amazing ICE

emlun 477

Look at my ice! My ice is amazing!

Tremble in fear!

Ugh, it's gosh-darned expensive!

As you shortly will learn,

I rez one each other turn,

And then your money will burn,

'Cause I've three free Archers!


Don't you like it?

Well you're really in for a treat when I find my first Janus

Sweet Janus, mmm, sweet Janus!

Sweet Janus, yeah, sweet Janus!

Look at my ice!

One run will cost you twenty creds!

You can't keep up, no way in Hel!

Well now I have five agenda points, and there's two cards in R&D...

Shut up, runner, look at my ice!

29 Oct 2014 emlun

An accurate summary of my findings regarding the performance of this archetype.

29 Oct 2014 Doragunov

Looks cool man, Like the use of Will-o-wisp to get rid of key breakers to screw the runner.

And their is definitely enough low cost ice to get a Eliza server set up.

30 Oct 2014 CreepingMAN

Amazing version of "Look at my horse"! :D

30 Oct 2014 Indigon

+1 for the Amazing horse reference