JSupermodernism 1.2

blackjazz 124

A few words about the the key decisions:


  • Medtech ability encourages faster gameplay and this deck tries to take advantage of that (Early advance - not to confuse with Fast Advance)
  • You have some limited possibility to do Fast Advance with Sansan
  • Faster gameplay can force runner to run prematurely and you can take try to take advantage of that
  • It can be piloted somehow like Supermodernism deck (but some key factors are missing I'll explain later)

Agendas (2 pointers are better than 3 pointers)

  • Less randomness (first turn R&D access etc)
  • Easier to score
  • Can be scored out of hand with SanSan or even without (Medical)
  • Apart from 2/3s we can use the best neutral 2 pointer => NAPD


  • Supermodernism fuels economy with scoring agendas - here we don't have this luxury
  • With 3 main options for economy (asset/event/clicking) I've chosen events (like supermodernism)
  • Asset economy suggests longer game and you need fast burst of economy for early advance
  • Without economy agendas you're much more reliable on drawing proper events at the right time


  • Usually it's better to install only the cheap ones (as you lack strong economy)
  • Komainus are a fallback if the early phase has passed and there is a need for taxing the runner. I do not install komainu against parasite decks since they're waste of money. The only exception is to rez them only for a neural EMP kill move next turn.
  • Roto is good against criminals who are forced to run early against your early scoring - when the're running with single breaker without fearie. If there is a sentry breaker on the field - dont bother rezing. Think twice when you're rezing it against parasites
  • Humitsu & Lotus are good against parasite heavy decks - those are good ice to protect early agendas


  • 1 Shi Kyu - One is enough. It's super expensive to fire
  • 2xSnare - Not always it is wise to fire a snare. Remember that you don't have much economy. Snare should be used to flatline runner (immediately or with neurals) or when you read thae runner holding something decent in hand for an occasion that is not there yet(siphon, parasite, deja vu)
  • 3xShocks - Can bait run on the server (looks like 2/3 for the runener). Its cheap, it protects archive = AWESOME


  • Anatomy of Anarch - You wont survive siphon recursion.
  • Noise Solitare - You have some decent chance of scoring before he starts rolling his solitare. Very luck dependant with mills.
  • Classic Criminal (Gabe, Andysucker) - You have fighting chance with sniping breakers
  • New criminals (CEO) - You have bigger chance since those criminals imho are a bit slower with setup. But once they've set up it's usually over with R&D Lock
  • Reina - Possible but difficult. Requires a lot of practice what to rez and what not.
  • Katman - There is a fighting chance of beating. Ice rezzing and Ice placement is crucial IMO. Try scoring behind Baku or Lotus. Tax on R&D with Yagura or (sometimes) Komainu or with second lotus field.
  • Kit - havent tested but I assume Kit will most likely crush this deck.
  • Big Rig Chaos - There is a strong chance of scoring agendas before they can set up. Later in the game it comes to mind games with baiting run on taxing remote.


This is a tier 3 deck. IMHO it's better than 3-pointers Medtech with Caprice. But Medtech as an ID it's not there yet. I'm thinking on trying those wacky Mushi No Shin Medtech decks.