ABR: Always Be Running

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x3r0h0ur 8598

Why not get 4 credits per turn when you run? Why not also accumulate datasucker tokens? Why not also cause the corp to rez ice, giving you even more money? Need cards? Sure we can do that.

The maximum return from running post set up = 3c grifters, 1c desperado, 1 card john M, 3 compromised employee, 5c dirty laundry, 3 datasucker tokens. 12 (15 if you want to count sucker tokens as credits) credits from 1 ice rez and a successful run. Go nuts kids.

20 Dec 2013 PeekaySK

Why Dirty Laundry over Liberated Account? Since you're auto-generating so much money, wouldn't it make sense to invest it at a higher interest? :D

(I might try to drop the 3rd Desperado for 3 Quality Times, otherwise you could easily run into issues trying to get your cards together)

20 Dec 2013 omegalife2002

I don't like to judge a deck before playing it, but one issue I've always had with Anarch decks is the lack of speed. I kind of agree with PeekaySK about including some QT, though I still like the idea of Desperado in the deck.

Also, nice job not playing into "Reina has to have Caissa!" She is solid without it and I like a lot of this deck composition.

20 Dec 2013 PeekaySK

Also, nice job not playing into "Reina has to have Caissa!"

In my eyes, her best feature is the Link. I've been waiting for an Anarch ID with link since, like, forever :D

20 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

I'm the banner boy for that, I've been in fights on facebook and reddit over it lol. Honestly the reason I have no liberated is because I'm strictly putting this deck out there for the crazy runners (not really my style). Everything has to do with running and getting in. Liberated means clicks not spent running. You should be spending 1 click drawing and 1 click prepping and probably 2 clicks running. If successful you get another card with masanori out.

This is more of a concept deck than anything. I'm certainly looking for suggestions, one day i might play this deck. I just wonder how rich this deck can get, and how long it can keep the grifters up and running.